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Monday, 22 July, 2019 - sesam

The newest addition to our household is an approximately 7 years old female cat called Mokka.

She first appeared in the vicinity of a pub where the friendly owners fed her. As part of a so-called Stray Cat Project she was neutered. Afterwards she got into a shelter, awaiting to find her new owners.

Mokka in a quarantine after getting into the shelter

Reportedly, when she was a stray she was very friendly, but in the shelter she rarely showed herself. She was especially vary of other cats so she never made it to the "common room".

She was not fond of the little newcomers

After reading the blog of the Southern-Hungarian shelter Tappancs Tanya ("Paw Ranch") we immediately grew fond of this black-coated beauty. We first met her on June 22 when she reluctantly accepted a few treats from us. She kept behind her favourite couch, of course, so by careful placement of the treat we were almost able to see a quarter of the animal even!

She moved in on Sunday, July 7, following getting the compulsory medical checks and required shots. She handled the 170km journey from the shelter to the capital without a sound, she only meowed a few times when being carried; she obviously didn't like that.

When we let her out in the bathroom, where we placed her litter-box, she immediately crawled under a shelf and hid there. So far she only came out at nights when we were asleep. Although I have no idea what she does when we're not at homeā€¦


Since she's pitch black and in hiding under furniture her usual manifestation resembles a black hole with two eyes. I actually only saw the whole cat once, late at night, when I'd been reading and she probably thought we were both asleep and she jumped on the bedroom windowsill to look around.

When she noticed me staring she promptly left, back into the darkness.