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Okay, Harmonic is a great widget for the Mac. It downloads the lyrics for the music you’re listening to in iTunes. Quite nice, since it passes it right to iTunes and it gets saved with the song. Next time you plug your iPod in it even gets transferred to that as well. Now, what’s the problem? Stupid people. Seriously, how bloody hard is it to get right… especially for a native speaker:


For the uninitiated, let me do the honours: your is a personal pronoun denoting possession; you’re is a contraction of you are.

It makes my brain bleed to read lyrics like this:
“Maybe your a sinner into your alternate life, …”
(For a bonus you can tell me the title of the song the line’s from. Google is cheating.)

If people decide to share the lyrics of a song and post it to a site (all lyrics sites have private contributor sources) how on Earth can they be so terribly ignorant as to make basic mistakes like this? How can they not care about what they put out for everyone to see? Aren’t they fans? It truly boggles the mind.

Please, God, make them stop butchering the language…