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The things I have been dreaming about lately are quite unsettling. I blame the exams, and everything else that has been happening. Of course I haven’t been this stressed out before, when tests and exams meant a lot less, when I started off from a strong base and I had confidence. Nowadays the stakes are a lot higher and everything matters considerably more and I find myself doing worse and worse.

I don’t sleep too well either. I wake up at completely off times, then I get sleepy in the middle of the day. Also the little I know about dreams is that you’re not supposed to remember them: only if you wake up in the middle of your sleep can you remember what they were about.

A few nights ago I was parking expensive cars and we were contemplating with my family – who weren’t my real family but more like the Cullens from Twilight – how to fit the cars best in the very small place available. At least this one had a Japanese connotation: parking here usually means squeezing cars into the smallest gaps imaginable.

But then just recently I walked into a white building in my dream where the noted blogger Angelday sat at a table with the prominent Hungarian TV show host Friderikusz. I started talking to them when I realised they were doing a webcast reporting a tennis match. Then the dream shifted and they were in my home in my father’s study. I thought then that it can’t be any worse than dreaming about people from the freaking internet…

Finally today I was a seal. And I gave birth to a baby seal. Then we were discussing with my seal friends that this is a very bad season to have your first baby seal, because the weather’s been so cold and we were lucky if we survived. I woke up realising I kicked my blanket off and my shoulder hurt. (I had my left arm squeezed under me one night and it’s been hurting ever since.)

Now, can it get any weirder?

Obama, Fukui

I’m sure this has been circulating on the internets for quite a while, but since I haven’t been religiously following Barack Obama’s every step from the senate to presidency, it took me by surprise when I saw a link to Obama City in Fukui Prefecture in my Google Reader shares.


This is a beautiful example of multiple readings of the same kanji. 小 (little, small) is usually “ko” but in names it can be pronounced as “o”. And 浜 (port, beach) is though usually “hama” when in a compound it sometimes goes through a phenomenon called sequential voicing (連濁) adding a ten-ten to the first kana: “bama”. Thus the compound reads: Obama.

Obviously the City of Obama tried to exploit the popularity fanned by the presidential candidate as much as possible. Apparently the craze went so far that on inauguration day a pack of hula dancers celebrated the first African-American president at one of Obama’s (the city’s) old temples. As for why hula… better not ask.