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Albeit with a bit of lag tries to catch up with the latest trends in web development. This desire manifested itself as like buttons attached to every post for reader convenience. The buttons are powered by Ahmed Hussein’s Facebook Like Button WordPress plugin, which – although buggy – seems to do the job. Please feel free to like content.


Avagy kik a magyarországi webdesigner cégek, a Plastik gyűjtésében. Vicces végigolvasni, kommentestül. De nem is ezért, hanem milyen király már a volll oldala:



Oh yeah, the country of advanced technology is still unable figure out the .htaccess file and how to redirect to Prime examples are the websites of the Law Faculty of Kobe-U ( and Space ALC – best online Japanese dictionary ever – ( They don’t work without the www…

This is only annoying because once I tried to look something up on ALC and it didn’t dawn on me for quite a while that no the website is not down I just have to type the www part in as well.