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Apple Watch 1.0

Ottó Oláh wrote an extensive review of his (and his wife’s) experiences with the first generation Apple Watch. It’s a long but very interesting read. (If you know Hungarian, that is.)

Based on this I can see myself using an Apple Watch for several reasons.

  • A lot of notifications I receive only warrant a glance. Fishing out my ample sized iPhone 6 Plus from wherever it lies at the moment can be a hassle.
  • At work during meetings it’s much less of a distraction to look at a watch to evaluate a notification than constantly glancing at a phone.
  • I didn’t know about the navigation feature of the watch. It sounds pretty useful especially when I drive alone and can’t put the phone somewhere I can see. (Parents’ car does not have a phone holder.)
  • Being able to reply to messages using the voice recognition during a run sounds like a dream come true. Stopping and handling the phone is an unwelcome chore, and often I don’t have the luxury of running without it: I have to remain accessible.

Do I want one? A resounding yes. Will I buy one? Very unlikely. For now, at least.