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In Your Eyes

I’ve just finished this movie, and I think it’s very intelligent, well-acted and overall extremely cute. It is available worldwide via Vimeo On Demand for only $5. For a good night’s entertainment just huddle up with your GF one evening and rent it.

Nouveau Parfum

Mondjuk Boggie már volt a, before it was cool.

Roadside Graves

A Roadside Graves ezzel a névvel lehetne valami hörgős death metal banda, de nem: alternatív country/folk-rockot játszanak. A hétfős felállásnak köszönhetően szuper instrumentális betétekkel.

Ha metal nem is, de meta, hogy az énekes állítólag az előző albumuk koncertjén a “dirt on my lip and blood in my eye” sorok közben headbangelt jól le egy cintányért, aztán úgy véresen folytatta. Hiába, a hozzáállás.

Tipikusan a legújabb EP-nek (You Won’t Be Happy With Me) nincs digitális változata, csak az előző albumnak (My Son’s Home). Szállítással együtt $4 mondjuk abszolút nem sok egy hatszámos CD-ért.

Japan – The Strange Country

Egy 25 éves japán grafikus-tervező infografikát készített a saját hazájáról, japánoknak. A saját bevallása szerint egy külföldi szemével próbálta nézni a helyzetet, hogy egy kicsit felnyissa a honfitársai szemét. Szerintem nem véletlen, hogy Kaliforniában is tanult valameddig. (Sajnos az angol verzió már valamiért nem elérhető.)


Kenichi Tanaka

Update: the English version has been saved to Youtube, luckily.

So this is Christmas

Vimeo staff informed me that I am a persona non grata on their site:

Your account has been removed by the Vimeo Staff for violating the Rules of

Reason: Uploading game walk-throughs, game strategy videos, depictions of player vs player battles, raids, or other videos that simply depict individuals playing a video game.

We hope you find a video host more suited to your needs. If you believe this was an error, please reply to this email in a civil manner with your reasoning (“I see other people do it” is not a valid reason).

In a sense they are right. I had two videos uploaded. One of them was a screencast I recorded of the ingenious World of Goo. If anything it was a promotion of the game to the readers with me awkwardly narrating in Hungarian. Can’t be more than ten people who ever watched it.

The other video was a “trailer” for a never realised movie project made by one of my ex-guildmates in WoW. I only put it online so I could embed it to

Vimeo is famous for hosting only quality content anyway and since I can’t be charged with creating anything worthwhile it’s surprising they haven’t made the move earlier.

This is Budapest

I snatched the video using photos to show a trip to Japan from last time as well. Inspired by the idea human now made one himself about a weekend in Budapest. This is how our capital looks in winter.

If you liked it comments should go to human’s vimeo page.

I hate everyone

Just to resonate with the entry about the Hungarian music industry: some bands choose to upload high quality HD videos filmed on stage free of charge to Vimeo with the opportunity to even download them.

‘Nobody got their eye poked out.’