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kernel panic

I’m sure y’all remember the iMac freezes, I whined about them here a lot. Currently I’m running with unmodified kernel extensions because of two reasons. First, the freezes are infrequent enough to be still bearable, albeit they do come at the worst possible moments, adhering to the laws of the universe. Second, the feature introduced in Lion that resumes all running apps in the place and state they were when the shutdown was issued makes restarts much less of an issue than before.

Today I was reading an article, when… This time I wanted to do things right so I fired up the old white MacBook “Snowflake” and used ssh to log in to the iMac, then dmesg to confirm that it was, in fact, the usual video freeze: for sure the kernel output had a nice long GPU dump in it. I promptly (pun intended) issued a reboot now command only to be greeted by this:

Well, that’s a first. Never before did I get a kernel panic screen.

And Apple claims it is a hardware issue.

I wonder if Mountain Lion will be any better.

Drone with GoPro

This is where I work, the Ustream Hungary office in Graphisoft Park. Filmed by a remote controlled flying drone equipped with a camera.

23 and 1/2 hours

I ride the bike to work every day, which is 30 to 40 minutes one way. On top of that, all the running. I suppose I must be in the 53%. Plus the video does say that there is a diminishing ROI.

God is an Astronaut

A couple of days short a year later life found me at a God is an Astronaut show once again. A lot has happened in that time but ironically how I felt was very much unchanged.

This has nothing to do with the music, of course. This is how Age of the Fifth Sun sounded:

Red Paper Lanterns

Elkezdtem írni egy hosszabb bejegyzést, de túl éhes vagyok hozzá, hogy befejezzem. Úgyhogy be kell érnetek a ma premierelt Maybeshewill videóval, ami a legutóbbi album egyik legjobb számához készült. Fakó képek és piros lampionok vannak benne, meg szuper indie post-rock.


Két nap múlva bejelent a Nike valami forradalmit. A videóból nem sok derül ki, de gondolom valami elektronikus, ha már a Nike+ márkanevet használják.

Budapest Timelapse 2012

Have you noticed how many different looking clouds drift through above our heads?

As seen on Urbanista.

Sehol se talállak

I’ve been liking Vera for a while now, especially her electronic project called Bin-Jip. Also this summer I had the opportunity to listen to this song from Quimby live at EFOTT. Now I wish it was a collaboration like this:

Hey! What song are you listening to?

Asking random people on the streets of Budapest with headphones on what song they are listening to – based on the idea of Tyler Cullen @ NY


  • Survivor: Eye Of The Tiger
  • Alice In Chains: God Smack
  • Freundeskreis: Tabula Rasa Pt. II
  • Emilie Simon: Fleur de Saison
  • Fort Minor: Believe Me
  • Doctor P: Gargoyle
  • 2NE1: Kiss
  • 2Pac: Changes
  • Paul Kalkbrenner: Aaron
  • Sak Noel: Loca People
  • Moldvai Furulyaszó
  • In Extremo: Sieben Köche
  • 10cc: I’m Not in Love
  • Wheatus: Teenage Dirtbag
  • Killakikitt: Ösztön
  • Diana Krall: Love Scenes
  • Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus
  • The Chemical Brothers: Hey Boy Hey Girl
  • Rise Against: Give It All
  • Kispál és a Borz: Ha az életben
  • Váradi Roma Café: Minden egyes éjszaka
  • Queen: You Don’t Fool Me
  • Khaled & Cameron Cartio: Henna Henna
  • Rudimentary Peni: Him Hymn

Kesh at ZP

I went to see Kesh at Zöld Pardon yesterday. Unfortunately only before heading out did I realize that the Sony camera was still on the charger only unplugged from the wall socket: as a result the battery was fully drained. At least I assume that was why it happened. It’s an old device and the battery is not in the best shape anyway.

Anyway, I was only armed with my Nexus S. No luck with that either: the pictures are either blurred or whitewashed and the soundtrack in the video is unusable; only a distorted cacophony of bass and drums. To an extent the Sony’s mic distorts as well, but still handles concerts much better, like when I used it to capture Tides of Time.

Too bad because Kesh is the most popular search keyword here.

Update: My partner-in-crime Anett has an iPhone 4, which admittedly makes a much better concert recording equipment. Check out Mizu live at ZP.