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Risoul 1850 – The Trailer

Probably most of the people who have seen an iMovie ’11 trailer find the whole idea boring and obnoxious. However, my brother and I had a lot of fun making this and I assume, at least for the eight of us who have lived through it, it means something. There might be an actual longer movie to come as well. As you can see, we had a very good time.

lil Vuk

Isolde szénné alázta az új Kis Vukot a filmbuzin. Ennyire jól filmkritikán rég szórakoztam, érdemes elolvasni. Persze már a trailer is szörnyű:

Offtopic, de fontos megjegyezni, hogy találtam egy kiváló beépülőt Youtube (és egyéb) videók beillesztéséhez, ami egy kattintással működik, és nem mellesleg (X)HTML valid kódot készít: Viper’s Video Quicktags plugin for WordPress.

Coraline 3D trailer

Wow. Nem tudom Human honnan szerezte, de íme a Coraline 3Ds teasere. Kár, hogy messze még a 2009.

Coraline Sneak preview

Neil just made available a forty-second sneak peek into the upcoming Coraline stop-motion movie, which you can download from here in a much better QT quality.

However – and I really do hope it’s not a problem to do so – I put it on Youtube. I reckoned it’d be a wee bit more accessible this way:

Pure awesomeness. So creepy it makes the hair on your skin stand.