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Life is complicated. I am writing this entry in the AIESEC office again, however I will have to go to the so called ‘Salthouse’ (The building was used to store salt originally, now it is the computer laboratory of the uni.) because here the ftp transfers are blocked. The problems is finding a free computer is as likely as spotting a white raven. (Hungarian saying)

Yesterday film was OK, it had an athmosphere reminding me of the Fallout games for some reason. And I misspelled the name of Courteney Cox (missing an e ;). The best thing about the movie I think that it was subtitled so I could listen to authentic US speech for one and a half our. ;)

Note a couple of hours later: Idealism is very dangerous. I couldn’t update the site at the comp. lab of course. There were lessons being held in all damn eight rooms there. Luckily I could sneak into my father’s office…

Celeron 1000

Busy days follow even more busy days. Yesterday there was an AIESEC meeting, and today there will be another one plus I am going to the cinema to see {3000 miles to Graceland}. I somewhat like Kevin Costner but I am absolutely curious about Courtney Cox… ;)

I might succeed in buying a Celeron 1GHz processor and my brother will get a computer as a present from our parents. You know what this means… LANparty@home! :) If everything goes well on Sunday we will be able to play together finally. I am thrilled.


Hm. A bit of a silence for some time I shall say. I had tons of things to do and some unexpected accidents prevented me from updating my website for quite a long time.

First when I moved to Budapest I left the password for the ftp access at home, and no one could retrieve it for me. And when I got home came the shock. I switched the computer on and the Windows Xp started to whine about some file that is corrupted and that I should use the CD to repair it. Well, I found a .sav version of the file and exchenged it hoping that the problem is sloved. Well to my greatest surprise Windows started to reinstall (!) itself on its own… no comment.

Anyway the password of the ftp access was on my computer as well, and – yes you guessed it right – I have lost it during the windows reinstall. Ack. But cheer up, let the sun shine, etc. as I have the password now. (The support of the service provider sent it to me. :) ) So from now on, I am trying to update somehow regularly. (Note that this is not my first later supposedly unfulfilled promise! ;) )

Yehaw, almost forgot the astonishing news: I got a reader mail! (Well not *that* astonishing as my cousin wrote it… ;) The original letter was in Hungarian, the translation is mine.)

‘I am just browsing and I am shocked how cool, it is… really, it is very much like you. Congratulations!!!
I like the second picture from above in your bio and the picture took in Greece is cute too. Show them to girls, they will surely be impressed…. ;)’

Errr… thanks really! :) Happy to hear that my site is liked. Homework for you, readers: send as many girls as you know to check my site out! :)

online at last

Yehaw! I got online! :) Just in time before I became unsaveably psychic for writing an online journal for myself (as nobody could read it). From now is available on {}. The site will be moved to {} as soon as my two-week waiting period for the registration ends.

Besides this good news I am very busy creating the website of Radiant Heart. I am not very skilled in image-editing this is why I progress slowly. I am tired a bit as well.

40 nights with Hungarian Telecom

A brand new day again. It is pretty cold, the sun is clouded, and the wind blows fiercely. I really need to do something about my internet-problem, it is not the best if I go to bed at 3 am and wake at 11 am. Not at all the best.

Anyway I hope can be online soon, as I have posted all the required documents and now I am waiting for my contract to be arrived. As far as I know I will get a free subdomain while my domain name request is processed. We will see.

I was at the cinema yesterday and saw {40 days and 40 nights}. I had a very good time watching it. It may not be a too mannish view – even at my age (19) – but I liked the part best when they were petting each other with flowers. The idea of being pet by a girl with a flower made me tingle all over… All in all I think the movie had a good balance of romance and humor. It isn’t one people remember and talk about for a long time, but the main task – having fun while watching it – was accomplished by it I think.

I wonder what the guys are doing at {Funcom}. {AO} is silent now. No patch or bugfix. This can mean two things: 1) They are all having holiday. (Why not, it is summer!) 2) They are working on a huge patch. (Ack. How will I be able do download it with my 64k ISDN?) In my humble opinion they have many things to fix. Somehow there are bugs that remain in the game however much do people complain about them…


I came home. Yehaw, I am home! Damn, I am home, where I have no decent net-access. The situation of internet access in Hungary is ridiculous or catastrophic. Depends on where you live. Generally there is broadband connection, which is limited to 15 Gbytes of data-transport per month. Or one can chose ADSL. Seems nice? Well, it isn’t. ADSL and Broadband are available in around 10 big cities. (However big my hometown is, there still isn’t any ADSL.) As a result 90% of the Hungarian citizens have no other choice but dial-up. It wouldn’t be that bad if it weren’t darn expensive. Monthly fee towards the ISP is 16$ for a full-time access. Sounds good? Hehe, well the problem is with the telephone fee, which is: 280$ per month if you play only after six pm. (Consider that an average wage in hungary is like 500-800$ per month!) And our politicians always whine that no one is buying on the net, the number of net users shrink, etc.

Why is this so? Well, because we have only one telephone service we can ‘choose’ from. {Matáv} (Hungarian Telecommunications) is the only telephone service provider available. Ubernice.

To help people the Government has recently started to do something. They offered money for Matáv to decrease some of its fees. Well this resulted in some new configurations subscribers can chose from. A 15-hour-net-pack (10$) and a 40-hour-net-pack (34$) was established. Yes, one can surf 40 (!) hours for ‘only’ 34$!! Wow.

I don’t know what I will do. How am I supposed to play Anarchy Online this way? Damn it. :(