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still hot

I wanted to have a shower but unluckily the bathroom was occupied by my brother. You cannot possibly imagine how hot it is here. To make things worse my temples are pounding in blunt, sharp pain. Maybe I have a headache because I’ve been trying to think too hard today afternoon. I couldn’t stop brainstorming what to put on the website I have on my home computer now. Yep, I am thinking about changing a bit but I haven’t yet decided how. Basicly my home computer has a much better environment – I mean PHP and mySQL support here – than the one I have for However having a website on my computer would need it to be turned on and online 24/7. This would be hard to accomplish for it is in my bedroom. Sometimes I really need silence around me and I also find it quite unpleasant to sleep with a HDD making noises.

I wish I were already employed by a top ten multi that pays a disgusting amount of money to its employees. I would solve most of my problems pronto. After all I think it would generate new ones anyway.

I was watching What Women Want today. I found it massively entertaining and funny. Basicly the idea that someone who does marketing for a living suddenly gets the ability to read women’s mind is a great starting point. And I think both of the main characters are doing a good job to keep the fun going… /I can’t help noticing how weak my vocabulary is. There are so many much stronger and more colorful words out there. They just don’t come to my mind when I am writing. A shame. If I meet a word I think I can use later I realy should write it down. That would look quite stupid me taking notes while watching TV or reading or paying AO, but… I guess I cannot possibly look more stupid than I am so here we go…/

Yep. Well, be advised: watch that movie on DVD, you will have a good time and you wouldn’t need reading my… erm… reviews.. /Jeeeez, no it’s not a review, just supposed to be, no… dreamt to be. One day I may be able to write one. Don’t let the hope fade, check back later. Lightning can strike. :P/


Long day I had again.

In the morning I tried to play AO. A couple of Velvet members and I went to the Temple of Three Winds and helped an enforcer to get his Stygian Desolator blade. In the meantime I got my hands on some very nice rings. Sadly the link dead problem I experience didn’t get any better. I wrote a mail to my ISP again, but my hopes are low that they come up with an actually useful solution.

In the afternoon I continued my PHP learning course I am doing for two days now. I looked up some information on the net and registered at a free webspace provider to be able to write and test PHP codes. Later I decided that I will use my own computer as a testing environment. I made up my mind and installed an {Apache webserver} and the {PHP interperter}. To my great surprise everything went seamlessly. The only problem I had to solve is that WinGate simply blocked all incoming requests on port 80 thinking that it is a malicious trojan horse that attempts to break into my computer. So now I am hosting a test site at {}. I am currently testing but I think there is more to come there later.

However today’s hot issue was the {Water Polo World Championship 2003} in Barcelona. The final was played by {Hungary} against Italy. Finally the Hungarian water polo team proved that they *are* the best team in the world and beat Italy 11:9. :D Go, go, Hungary!!


My plan to write an entry earlier wasn’t successful. In the morning I played some AO. In the afternoon my cousin and I assembled a list of my movies on CDs. After that a friend of my brother came as well and we all spent the rest of the day outside, cooking on open fire and playing badminton. When I came back I checked up on AO, but it was unplayable. I got disconnected every minute again. Even the support couldn’t help. They said the problem lies somewhere on the way my packages take to reach FunCom and this problem cannot be solved only by mailing the ISP and then they forward this to their partners. I have no hope regarding this now.

I tried to automatise my journal as well. I conducted a search on some free weblog sites to see if they are any good. I signed up for an account at {Blogger} but I deleted the whole thing in the end. Firstly personalising the theme – i.e. to make the journal look like the one I have now – seemed really difficult. Secondly I need to find a way to transfer my old posts to the database as well. All this seemed too much of a problem to solve five past one in the evening so I postponed it. I still think the best would be to write a PHP/MySQL motor myself. Which is unlikely because I know nothing about these programs. And I have a hosting subscription that doesn’t include these.


I spent half of today with things that didn’t profit anything to me only made me angry. I borrowed Neverwinter Nights from a friend of mine and me and my brother tried to set up a nice multiplayer LAN game. However for some strange and unexplainable reason NWN didn’t run on my brother’s computer. Nothing helped: reinstalling the game, reinstalling detonator, patching the game, nothing. It didn’t even bother putting up some error message, just quit to the desktop.

In the afternoon I experimented some with AO to see if my link dead problems would solve. They didn’t. It was so annoying being LD every minute in Inner Sanctum while everyone else was enjoying the exceptionally good teams and loot.

So I ended up with a headache again and I also made my mother upset because as she said I should value what I have. Thats quite right I am seldomly satisfied with things, something or someone is always a hair in the soup. Some more positive attitude could boost my standard of living for sure. It just I am always hitting walls in the process. :(

ups and downs

Back again at university and I had my fair share of those unbelievably tiring and exhausting Monday-Tuesday combos again. I had to notice that while I am longing here like a shell of a robot only attending lessons without his soul present the outer world didn’t stop. Many things have happened lately.

Firstly some great news: The Longest Journey – the game that rocked my world; that meant an experience unrepeatable – will have a sequel. Yep, TLJ2 is in production with the old team that created TLJ. And being that 2 in the name it will be more beautiful, more detailed, more entertaining and just more perfect. At least it is promised.

I do hope it will be. I pray that all these promises will come true. But there are two things that make me uneasy and unsure. I am not yet sure that TLJ2 will come out for PC. If not, that’s a disaster. An end of the worlds as I do not have the money or the intention to buy any console however cool they are.

It is also said that TLJ2 will feature less speech and dialogues. I have heard this from many people that there were too many dialogues in TLJ. I don’t think so. Playing an adventure game is much like reading a book for me. It is just much more complex, more detailed as it has voices and pictures. I loved the long dialogues when you could really leave this world and got transferred to Arcadia or Stark. The charms of TLJ lied in the dialogues, the logical, exciting and well-built speeches of the characters. Please, if you make fewer dialogues, don’t let the TLJ spirit fly away.

Side note: My opinion considering multi-threaded adventures is quite the same: I don’t think a game is bad just because the riddles have one solution and you can progress only one-way. I take these as stories, I don’t want to interfere, I like the way it has been written and I solve the puzzles to see it unfold. I don’t like the fact either that players want more endings just to fit their needs. Let there be one ending, either you like it or not but that IS the definite ending, the one that has been intended by the game creators, and the one that they think best suits the story. It is their game after all. If I want a story that fits my view of the world I write one or at least think about one. When I play an adventure I’d like to see how they see the world. Adventure is not an RPG, you are not April Ryan when you play TLJ, you are an outsider, a spectator, a watcher who can whisper into April’s ear to help her. And what happens next or at the end is not your choice. It is defined by fate, the fate intended by the game designers. Again it is like books.

Secondly… well I am a little confused. About me. Lately I feel I do nothing productive. I mean something that I start, work on and then realise. Learning has nothing to do with productivity it seems, I attend lessons, some dull some interesting, but I see no end. Economy has also nothing to do with productivity. Economists don’t create anything. Their sole function is to optimise and see the future. I mean to find out what goods will be looked for. There is no morality in them. If you somehow find out that many people will look for child-porn videocassettes, an economist would advise any company to sell child-porn. That’s the way the world works, anything is sold if there is a demand. Drugs, cigarettes, weapons, everything. And as an economist, you help keeping this up. No matter you like it or not. Don’t think I would like to do this all my life…


It’s morning. Yaawn. Me hides under the blanket.

I’ve doing bad with updates I admit. I slept, played AO or just did nothing instead. The Old Gaffer in The Lord of the Rings says “The work you never start takes the longest time to accomplish.”. And updating did take long…

But as a compensation today is declared Big Update Day. ;) I redesigned the look of the {Stuff page} and added a link to the {AIESEC HUngary} site, too. AS a matter of fact there should have been another update, the translation of an Excel tutorial but I was dumb enough to forget to copy it to a disk so it is still at the Salthouse. One day I’ll forget to eat and die a shameful death, mark my words.

Since a couple of days all the lights went out in the tunnel that connects the pavement in front of the university and the tram stop. As many times I have to go home late in the dark I have to pass this tunnel as well. It is quite an experience because almost no light is able to penetrate thugh the exits so down there is like you lost your eyes. Being deprived of seeing, our best sense is very unpleasant I can tell. It is not like when you close your eyes, you cannot unmake your ability with that. In that tunnel dark is heavy and dense. Blindiness should be like that.

Plus I had an extraordinary experiece travelling home. I cought a train that goes to Romania. No offense to anyone but that train is one of the dirtiest and worst of all on this line. (I don’t say why nor judge, just state!) The train was strange for the first sight: no Romanian coaches. I knew something is not right at the very moment. Boarding the train surprises continued. It was relatively clean and looked like it has recently been renewed. It was heated and the lights were on. Most unbelieveable! And that shocked me mostly: there was paper towel in the toilet. Don’t laugh, on this line it is definite luxury! :) Well, ok, water didn’t come out of the tap, but everything cannot be so perfect… :)


Sleeping ’till eleven plus more Silent Hill 2 today. My art of doing nothing worthy improves with time indeed. Well that is not exactly true because I did do something worthy today, namely site design the results of which can be seen later only. Patience is the key factor of long life.

I changed my desktop wallpaper today. In my opinion it is immensely important what your wallpaper is. You might have to gaze at it all day long if you work on your computer, so it can affect your mood, the success of your work can depend on it! :) From now on I have a Silent Hill 2 wallpaper (a cute girl with a quite deadly sharp knife in her hands) instead of the old Tomb Raider one. Yep, Lara is cool, especially in the Angel of Darkness but it was high time for a change. If you are looking to find some wallpapers for yourself and you are keen on games as well try {GameWallpapers}. It is a good site featuring lots of games and high resolution wallpapers. It used to be more useful but now a 2 wallpaper download per day limit was introduced which is almost nothing. Apart from that, the sevice is good.

Stay tuned.

Silent Hill

Finally a little break from the never-ending mind-pain caused by exams. Today I could do what I want without any lurking side-thought in my mind that always kept saying: ‘go and learn or you will fail’.

I woke up late and started to play Silent Hill 2. I spent a couple of hours with it and I can tell you it is really an awesome game. It might get on my ‘favourite games ever’ list even.

On the first scenes the graphics is not that astounding at least for the first sight. However the fog that appears later is the best ever made in a computer game. It is perfect: dense, creepy white fog so that you can see only two meters ahead. And then if you find the flashlight in the completely dark apartment building starts the real show. The light effects are incomparable to any former games: the shadows on the walls are dynamic and very life-like. Everything has a perfectly fitting shadow and all this moves with the flickering flashlight. Plus all the characters are high in polygons and very elaborate in design. People’s movements are also really sophisticatedly-made, it is worthy just swishing some with the stick in the hands of the main character to see the way he does it. (You might not have time for that in the adrenaline-pumped action parts when your life is on the risk against monsters.)

Yap, monsters. They are beautifully ugly and perfectly disgusting. Their AI is not the best but considering that they are dumb zombies with a negative IQ and with the only one goal to feed themselves with you, it is ok.

I haven’t played enough for the story to unfold completely but still I can say it is exciting. You cannot wait for the next in-game movie to see what happens next. The game raises tons of questions in the first part which are kept unanswered for a long time. You know why you are in Silent Hill: to search for your dead wife who just recently wrote you a letter. Well, obviously something is wrong with this as dead people write letters very seldomly. But you won’t know much else later on either. At least not to the point I am at now.

All the things detailed above results in an atmosphere found in horror novels only. Try SH2 in the dead of the night alone with quadraphonic speakers… the living shit will be scared out of you. For a long time you can’t see any monsters just sounds. Footsteps behind you which disappear when you turn back or blood on the pavement. You will go mad until you meet your first enemy face to face.

Silent Hill 2 is not a new game as it has been released to PS2 a while ago. Only the PC version is new. I have a certain dislike of console games adapted to PC as the process mostly results in awful controls and crappy graphics compared to original PC games. This time the controls – though could be much easier – are acceptable and the graphics is awesome. I think this is the best adaptation since the Nomad Soul.

As for the system requirements the game runs smoothly on my humble 525 (overclocked 466) Celeron with GeForce2 MX and 208MB of RAM. The only problem is with the movies where the graphics often lags behind the sound which is annoying but acceptable for a PC like this.

Please note that the game features extremely brutal scenes and violence. The colour of blood can be adjusted but that doesn’t prevent you from the fear caused by death-screams and the explicit movie contents. If you had a heart attack before and you sleep with the lights on at night I really don’t recommend to visit Silent Hill.


Law exam today. I am so glad I didn’t choose law school. ;) Law can be very interesting at some points as it is slightly more complex than it seems to be for the first sighet. However learning it is very exhausting for me. I hate learning things by heart, like exceptions, definitions, rights, etc. Pity law is built up of mainly these. :)

By the way: mystical things happeing again, now with my mailbox. I wasn’t able to download my messages for 3 days. The server returned either a ‘bad login’ error or an unknown error… with the same login name and password that worked for months. Weird. Today I was able to download all my mail. With the login unchanged. Seeems like there are Bermuda-triangles in the net as well. :) To be honest I have a possible explanation for this phenomena. This mailbox is a free mailbox mainly for web-based mail checking and pop3 download is only an option. But my mail delivery program checked the account every 2 minutes and it may have caused a temporary disable of the service to protect the servers. I mean not that my 2 minute checking would cause overload on thir mail server I just think they may have a rule that if one checks his/her mail too much with pop3 he/she needs to be banned for a time. Maybe.


I fear this months posts will remain few in number. (Now comes the repeated promise: I will try to update more often bla bla …)

I had statistics written test today. It wasn’t too difficult, though tougher than I expected. Still I am quite sure I managed to pass it, the only question is the mark I get. (Here it worths mentioning that in Hungary we have a different grading system. We give grades from 1 to 5 where 1 means failed while 2-5 are passed. 2 is sufficient 3 is average 4 is good and 5 is excellent.)

Then when I came home I played an unhealthy amount of Anarchy Online. I haven’t played for so long that I felt real hunger for a little Rubi-Ka air. I became level 134 and collected a number of dog-tags for the Commander Brock static mission.

Today I got a set of movies from my friend in DivX. We had great fun with my bro copying all the films on his hard drive witht he following method: He copied a CD using his DVD and in the same time I sent 2 other CDs on our home network with the help of my CD and CD-RW drives. Nifty. :)

After film copying was done we sat down to play a little outro-quake. We started a CTF with some bots and soon it became clear that the bots have no chance. (Not that we were sooo great players it was set really-really easy taking the fact into consideration that it is late and both uf us are tired.) Anyway to not to sink into boredom we started hitting each other with the RPG or the Railgun (friendly fire was off) to push the other into the lava… finally my brothrer joined the bots team and we could fight each other a little. We had lots of fun. :)

And there are very strange things happening around I can’t miss to mention. My father started to play with the thought to buy me a laptop computer. W00t! That would be uber indeed! Well it is just a plan only but I think he is determined to buy one in some time. To accelerate this I applied for the job to correct maths entrance exams for a maths entrance exam course of a university. I hope I will be selected and be able to earn some extra cash. Be honest, it is always welcome.