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Free Music is Sexy

Ain’t it? Well the Netherland-based Silence is Sexy certainly thinks so. BH stumbled upon this release on The Gathering forums, since their keyboardist,¬†Frank Boeijen, plays on three of the tracks. To quote the band:

Music is just like love, you have to share it. That’s why we give away our new album This Ain’t Hollywood for free.

I think it’s pretty good indie rock. Recommended for fans of Snow Patrol, Coldplay, The Bravery and alike.

You can download the full album in mp3 format plus a booklet and the cover image in a zip archive. Alternatively you can find the album on Mininova if you’re into torrents. offers all the tracks for listening through their radio, too.¬†

And if you like what you hear, the first album of the band is available under similar conditions.