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Shadow Cities

Your city is a game. You’re a mage.

Foursquare let you share your location, meet friends and comment on places. Chromaroma transformed public transport into a multiplayer game in London. And now a shadow city is unveiled, coexisting with the real one you’re living in, in which you’re a mage battling others like you. Check out Shadow Cities, a location-based multiplayer game for the iPhone:

You’re walking down the bank of the Danube. Suddenly your instincts flare up, signaling danger. Can that suited-up guy who just took off the tram be an enemy mage? You reach for your phone to cast a spell…

Regardless of the realization, the idea is awesome. Unfortunately the app is not available in the Hungarian store yet and the game is limited to the iPhone, no Android client so far. Still, isn’t it fascinating where technology is taking us?

Life’s a game after all.