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Take Me To Church

Hungarian religious education for 13 year olds (src: Origo):


In terms of sexuality he who consciously acts against the values set forth by God commits a sin. We cannot respect the opinions of loose people who ignore belief in cases of sexual morality. Sexual intercourse outside of marriage is a sin. Only deep love, much contemplation and many prayers allow young people to decide to tie their lives together. If they want to live a life in the grace of God they can only have sex after marriage.

Unfortunately, nowadays there are many trial-marriages. Often young people rule out the possibility of marriage altogether.

Adultery, rape and the sale of one’s body — the front pages of newspapers are full of these stories. The internet also became a proliferator of sins against morality. We have to be careful of those that try to violate children (pedophilia). We cannot accept the sexual affection of those of the same sex. This has been set forth in the Old Testament. If not sickness but conscious deviation is behind these acts the parties involved commit very serious sins.