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The previously mentioned 27 June gig at Tündérgyár will actually be Khuda‘s with support from Rosa Parks and The Ills. Khuda is a two-piece instrumental post-rock band from the UK. Their latest album came out only this month, titled Iecava. The second track from the new LP is free to listen to on their site.

Previous albums are also available on Bandcamp. Alternatively, check out the great pulsing rhythm and buildup of Tallin here.


Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks is a Hungarian post-rock band from Győr. I wouldn’t go into rating the music here, biased as I am. Anyway, both their albums are downloadable – song by song – from for free. I attached 0110 from Black Is The Color Of Bondage, Blue Is The Past as a sample. They have a tour blog as well, with live videos. Next they will perform at Tündérgyár, 27 June.