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Nemrég nem találtam meg, de segítettek, úgyhogy most elteszem ide, nehogy elfelejtsem megint.

Koncert is lesz, május 10, A38.

Vad Fruttik EP

Tegnap jelent meg a Vad Fruttik új ingyen letölthető három számos EP-je. Címe, borítója nincs, leszedhető mp3 és wav formátumokban. Nem a legmodernebb disztribúció, de ez van. A középső számnak klipje is lett, aminek a készítésekor tuti rengeteg amfetamin fogyott:

Blood Red Shoes

Ma ezt a szuper nevű bandát dobta a rádió.

Ez szám a 2008-as Box of Secrets albumukról származik, de valószínűleg többen ismerik a fiú-lány duónak azt a dalát, ami a Scott Pilgrimben szerepelt.

Christina Perri

People who watched So You Think You Can Dance in 2010 probably know Jar of Hearts, since Christina Perri initially rose to fame with this debut single, which charted in the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 after being used in the TV show. It is also availabe to listen full length on

Edouard AD

Not much is shared about this band (guy) and I don’t speak French to understand their (his) Facebook page. Nevertheless I find their (his) electronic music quite funny. Their (his) whole EP is free to listen & download on and Soundcloud.

[audio:|titles=The Weird Thing]

My Personal Murderer

Rarely do I get music recommendations on and those few are mostly self-marketers. Like this time when Bellerafont (age 20, from Ukraine), the frontman of My Personal Murderer sent his latest song, She’s Dead. Don’t ask why, I haven’t been listening to this band ever before.

[audio:|titles=She’s Dead]

Regardless, I liked what I heard. All their songs are fascinatingly depressive with lyrics of doom and soft guitar-driven melodies. They live on Facebook instead of having a website and most of their material is free to download from

As a bonus here’s a video for Danger Dancer (2011):

Poets of the Fall

This one came from my newest friend, Midnite. Poets of the Fall play really pleasant alternative rock and are from Finland. Their single Late Goodbye appeared in Max Payne 2 as the title song. Check out Maybe Tomorrow is a Better Day from Carnival of Rust.

[audio:|titles=Maybe Tomorrow is a Better Day]

I was told to see them live one has to travel North, because they won’t do gigs elsewhere other than Scandinavia and Russia. Prepare your ushankas.

The Violet May

A 5-piece band from Sheffield, UK, producing energetic British rock. They are reputedly fierce live, but to make sure of that you have to be in the country. Only one song is free to download; a few others are available to listen full length on

[audio:|titles=What You Say]


If you have a melancholic monday, put the new Nohopekids EP on. This fast-paced lo-fi garage punk is sure to shake up anyone. According to Piresian Beach Zsófi, it’s like The Stooges, or 60s protopunk albums. All nine tracks are downloadable from bandcamp.


Lángoló Gitárok reported that the girl-only four-piece Norwegian rock band Katzenjammer will perform live tomorrow on the A38 ship. They sound incredibly powerful and unique with all the exotic instruments and uptempo rhythm.

I won’t be in Budapest, but if I were I’d sure go. Also, it’s free.