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A Gaythering Storm

Maybe some readers remember the ‘Proposition 8 – The Musical’ starring Jack Black as Jesus himself. Well, since then a group of – I suspect – mostly religious people called NOM made a TV ad to warn the American nation of the inherent dangers in letting same-sex marriages happen:

Hilarious as it is on its own, there’s also a parody: A Gaythering Storm. You may recognise Sarah Chalke (Scrubs), Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill), George Takei (Heroes), Jane Lynch (Glee) and others:

‘They’ll dance at us. And it’ll be choreographed.’

If you ask me, gay people are not out there to hurt anyone. They don’t want to make anyone else gay either. They just want to live their lives in peace and be… gay. In all possible senses of the word.

This is a lot more that can be said about the bloodthirsty religious fanatics who, as some self-proclaimed protectors of morality, want to tell other people what they should or shouldn’t be able do. Ironically enough Christianity is said to be a religion based on love. Well at least on paper.

Prop 8 – The Musical

Proposition 8 was a California ballot proposition that changed the state Constitution to restrict the definition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman and eliminated the right of same-sex couples to marry. (src) A lot of prominent people opposed the proposition in many ways, however I found this one unique: Funny Or Die’s Prop 8 – The Musical, starring – among others – Jack Black, John C. Reilly, Neil Patrick Harris.


‘Jesus Christ!’
‘Hey, how’s it goin”