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Portal 2 Soundtrack

Some of the music from the game Portal 2 is now downloadable gratis from Valve’s site. The industrial tracks come complete with a neat cover image and properly tagged. Additionally ringtones for Android phones and the iPhone are also available.

The Device Has Been Modified

9.00 Reading tweet: Now Available - Portal 2
9.01 Firing up Steam
9.01 Decrypting Portal 2 game files
9.20 Decryption stuck at 33%
9.21 Restarting Steam, decryption finished
9.22 Downloading and installing Portal 2 update
9.25 Minimum requirements not met: requires 10.6.7: continue anyway
9.26 This game requires 10.6.7, this time no continue anyway option
9.27 Downloading 10.6.7
9.28 Giving up, going to work
9.48 Resignedly listening to The Device Has Been Modified on loop
[audio:|titles=The Device Has Been Modified]