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Recycled content. — In another life, I went to the Budapest Zoo. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that it is, after all, a great place. In the end I almost ran out of CF card space.

I just remembered I had the pictures because Semcon was doing some decoration and we offered our pictures to be framed for the office walls. Mine didn’t get used, but I was reminded to make a Flickr gallery of my favourites.

Also, the white wolves are the coolest.

állatkert 026

In Pictures

We went skiing and I uploaded a selection of the pictures to Flickr. Now I want to hear no more complaints about not updating.

On the first day there was crazy fog, especially on the peaks.

Into nowhere

Some evenings we played Catan.

Catan (Zoli winning...)

The scenes were much like the ones on postcards and nature albums.

Col de Crevoux

And in Vars there is a so-called Park for freestyle skiing.

nap, felvonó, menő Zoli, repülő

Want more? 33 photos await in the set.

Тебе интересно?


Absolutely gorgeous art from a Moscow kid. (via @yaanoo)

This is Japan

Stolen from Yummie. Ingenious way to show pictures of a trip. Everything’s there, Narita, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Tsukiji, and the list goes on. It kind of makes Japan look like a cool place.

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