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Spam by the dead

For the second day now corpses of lvl 1 dead orcs litter the area between the Orgrimmar bank and auction house on our server. At first I didn’t pay much attention to them but today I noticed that when looked at from the top the bodies actually spell the following:


Of course is a(n illegal) gold seller site. Nevertheless I have to give it to them, this is the first time I saw this kind of advertising.

The trick behind it is simple: if your character dies and you log out in ghost form instead of resurrecting then the body of your character stays there visible for everyone else on the server. Still this is a lot of work, the bodies need to be positioned the right way and running from the starter area to Orgrimmar with over fifty characters must be a pain as well.

But at least there is something new and innovative after the flood of spam on the trade and city channels and the throng of level 1 characters whispering gold seller site addresses.