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Mintha nem lenne holnap

Teljes képernyőn, légy szíves:

Majd egyszer szeretnék én is egy ilyen nyaralós videót tudni csinálni.

Still Into You

Új Paramore album és klip keddre. Figyeljétek a hajat.


Mire eljuttok ide, már úgyis láttátok, de azért kötelező. Akkor vagy igazán hipster, ha még a Superbowl előtt megvolt?

More eggs of the Easter kind

I am sure this is nothing new to people who scout out for such stuff but a guildie just found out that in the Dalaran sewers’ arena circles the later to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are receiving training from a wizened rat:


If you leveled any character in vanilla WoW I am sure you remember fondly of the Darrowshire questline, that started by the ghost of little Pamela Redpath. The inventory icon of her doll must have been the single creepiest drawing in game at that time. Now with the Culling of Statholme event in the Caverns of Time you can find the whole Redpath family, all of them alive still, on the second story of the inn. Pamela even has the infamous doll on the bed:


While browsing for links I also stumbled upon this masterpiece; a player named Cranius was so inspired by the Darrowshire questline that he made a music video with an original song telling the tale of the Redpaths. Now seriously, you can claim that most MMO players are mindless addicts, but gems like this video prove that it’s not all about wasting time in front of a computer screen… if you ask me.

MTV Music

I read over at doransky’s that MTV opened its music video site which contains most of the videos that have ever been played on MTV. All videos are free to watch. I guess if anyone MTV can do it, being the biggest player on the music video distribution market on television. I encountered some 30 second clips, but the rest I saw were full length.

I have always been mostly ignorant of music videos. My main source of new (and old) music used to be the radio, then later switched over to the internet. When I was a teenager we moved from our flat to a house with no cable for a while. By the time we actually had MTV I already went to university.

One of the few videos I’ve seen is Weapon of Choice with Christopher Walken’s unforgettable dance moves. I was happy to see Another Brick in the Wall there with Arnold Layne. However, Money for Nothing I’ve seen for the first time. I knew the Knopfler brothers have Hungarian roots but I was surprised to find a reference to that in the video. I challenge you to spot it. I also remember listening to The Man Who Sold the World‘s unplugged version back in my high school years a lot. You‘ve just been rickrolled, too.

MTV Music is a fun site.

Újraéledő vámpírok

Június 7-étől újra játsszák a Magyar Színházban a Vámpírok bálját. Úgy hallottam, nem olyan ütemben fogynak a jegyek, ahogyan azt szeretnék, így arra biztatok mindenkit, menjen el. Szerintem a jelenleg futó zenés előadások közül messze a legszínvonalasabban színpadra vitt darab.

A musical szerelmeseinek pedig a Viva la Musical! weboldal különleges meglepetéssel szolgál: ma bemutatja a “Teljes a sötét” című szám klipjének premierjét! Abból a szempontból mondjuk elég spoileres a videó, hogy sok színpadi trükköt megmutatnak benne.

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Mac Music Video

Twitt(url)y-n találtam. Szuperötletes.

150¥ DRM-mentesen, annyit meg is ért.

Knives Don't Have Your Back

Szuper music video, nem mondom meg honnan. Odakint meg esik…