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MTV Music

I read over at doransky’s that MTV opened its music video site which contains most of the videos that have ever been played on MTV. All videos are free to watch. I guess if anyone MTV can do it, being the biggest player on the music video distribution market on television. I encountered some 30 second clips, but the rest I saw were full length.

I have always been mostly ignorant of music videos. My main source of new (and old) music used to be the radio, then later switched over to the internet. When I was a teenager we moved from our flat to a house with no cable for a while. By the time we actually had MTV I already went to university.

One of the few videos I’ve seen is Weapon of Choice with Christopher Walken’s unforgettable dance moves. I was happy to see Another Brick in the Wall there with Arnold Layne. However, Money for Nothing I’ve seen for the first time. I knew the Knopfler brothers have Hungarian roots but I was surprised to find a reference to that in the video. I challenge you to spot it. I also remember listening to The Man Who Sold the World‘s unplugged version back in my high school years a lot. You‘ve just been rickrolled, too.

MTV Music is a fun site.