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Spam by the dead

For the second day now corpses of lvl 1 dead orcs litter the area between the Orgrimmar bank and auction house on our server. At first I didn’t pay much attention to them but today I noticed that when looked at from the top the bodies actually spell the following:


Of course is a(n illegal) gold seller site. Nevertheless I have to give it to them, this is the first time I saw this kind of advertising.

The trick behind it is simple: if your character dies and you log out in ghost form instead of resurrecting then the body of your character stays there visible for everyone else on the server. Still this is a lot of work, the bodies need to be positioned the right way and running from the starter area to Orgrimmar with over fifty characters must be a pain as well.

But at least there is something new and innovative after the flood of spam on the trade and city channels and the throng of level 1 characters whispering gold seller site addresses.

Need Oinkment

The Unliving Swine of Borean Tundra seem to have a very interesting ability:

Swine Flu - Spell - World of Warcraft

Nothing to fear, just make sure you have plenty of oinkment.

Of course, hilarious as it is, this is by no means an attempt by Blizzard to poke fun at a potentially deadly disease. This spell has been in game since the first beta version of WotLK came out about a year ago. Besides, there has been Swine Flu cases in humans as early as 1976.

More eggs of the Easter kind

I am sure this is nothing new to people who scout out for such stuff but a guildie just found out that in the Dalaran sewers’ arena circles the later to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are receiving training from a wizened rat:


If you leveled any character in vanilla WoW I am sure you remember fondly of the Darrowshire questline, that started by the ghost of little Pamela Redpath. The inventory icon of her doll must have been the single creepiest drawing in game at that time. Now with the Culling of Statholme event in the Caverns of Time you can find the whole Redpath family, all of them alive still, on the second story of the inn. Pamela even has the infamous doll on the bed:


While browsing for links I also stumbled upon this masterpiece; a player named Cranius was so inspired by the Darrowshire questline that he made a music video with an original song telling the tale of the Redpaths. Now seriously, you can claim that most MMO players are mindless addicts, but gems like this video prove that it’s not all about wasting time in front of a computer screen… if you ask me.

pvc – return

One of the guild members in pvc is studying films. He set out to make a movie, and just recently shared this teaser with us. I think it’s quite epic. Only if I was his editor I’d change the taglines a bit. Nevertheless, pjn‘s pvc – return (teaser):

Sidenotes: That Patchwerk kill was quite epic, half the raid dead and Alice, our healer, moonfiring PW to death. And we worked quite hard to finally see Malygos drop to the void like that.

Christmas Egg

This post is dedicated to Nora, a fangirl of unexplainable levels. :)

Yesterday Relani told me that she found a hatch in Scholazar Basin and I went to investigate. The screenshots speak for themselves:




This post holds little information for non-WoW players.

The reason I haven’t posted in more than a week is that the expansion to World of Warcraft came out. I have spent enough time in front of the computer as it was, and didn’t have the motivation to blog really.

It’s also the fact that I kind of like the changes and improvements WotLK brought. The new areas are breathtaking, instances included. Just flying around and observing is great fun. Also the new quests and places to explore are a welcome change from the umpteenth dungeon run or raid.

I started off with Silq, my warrior. However what begun as checking out the new hero class, evolved into a complete change of plans and now I’m leveling my death knight, Milq, instead. To be honest I was caught right on the character selection screen when I saw the looks…

Other than playing a bit more than usual there really is nothing happening around here. Same classes, same boredom, same frustrations.

Redshift: Pursuit

A BlizzCon nominee for Best Drama. I really like the creativity and the ingenious use of game resources behind the movie. It feels like a real one. If you’ve ever played WoW, it’s worth to check out.

English iz deded

liek tru!!!111one



WoW flash minigame

Tapír csiripelte, nekem meg leesett az állam. Durva mit ki lehet hozni a flashből azért. Nekem a szénné hackelt, 64 bites böngészőbe ágyazott 32 bites flashen a kurzor szaggatott, mint Mari néni a nokedlit, de a MacBook rendesen vitte. A készítők szerint erősen a flash határait feszegetik a játékkal.


The Passively Multiplayer Online Game

Igazából csak a neve miatt vicces a Passively Multiplayer Online Game (PMOG). A dolog arról szól, hogy egy Firefox-addon telepítésével az amúgy monoton és unalmas böngészgetést játékká alakíthatjuk. Már aki unatkozik netezés közben.

A weboldalakon kincseket találhatunk, megtréfálhatjuk a következő látogatót csapdák elrejtésével, és küldetéseket adhatunk a többi játékosnak. Valamint minden meglátogatott site két adatpontot ér, mely pontokat a játék boltjában különféle felszerelésekre válthatunk be.

Nem mellesleg profil épül a netezési szokásainkból, amellyel aztán ki tudja mit kezd a játékot kitaláló cég.