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I found this today at work: a webcam aimed at Harborland with the Port Tower and the Maritime Museum visible. If you search for these keywords here, you’ll find memories.

Gone Pro

What better way to start a new year than spending some quality (virtual) cash. I’ve gone pro on my Flickr account and I was instantly treated to a nice surprise: some photos I thought were lost forever became available.

The avenue of stars clapperboard

Non-pro Flickr accounts can only have a limited number of photos and sets. Already uploaded pictures don’t get deleted just become inaccessible when the account expires. That’s how I regained access to my old Hong Kong set.

The far side is Kowloon

When I moved back from Japan I also had to transfer the files from the linux box I used there and somehow the folder containing these photographs got lost. Not that they were great or anything but they hold sentimental value this being my only trip to other countries while I was in Japan. Also (as I frequently mention) I love the fact that I visited places mentioned in a movie, like the monastery on Lantau where you could share the monks’ meal:

This monastery built the Buddha statue

I wrote about my HK trip here: Hong Kong, Day 2, Hong Kong – revisited, Hong Kong – part 2.

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