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Pegasi Don’t Exist

A Hungarian band for Friday I found on Anett’s blog. Kiadó was played on the radio so you might have heard it before.

marionette ID


A marionette ID-ről volt már szó, amikor a God is an Astronaut előzenekaraként láttam őket. Nemrég jelent meg az új albumuk, a kicsit melankolikusabban és kidolgozottabban hangzó Alluvion. Ennek örömére a Kultblog készített velük részletes interjút. A lemezt meg meg lehet hallgatni streamelve itt, vagy kevés pénzért hozzájutni Bandcampen. Illetve az első szám, a Serenity, ingyen letölthető a Soundcloudról.

Ólafur Arnalds

Piano-driven instrumental melancholia from Iceland by Ólafur Arnalds to complement the uniform grey weather today.

[audio:|titles=Þú ert sólin]


Audiocæneat! is a German post-rock / shoegaze band, which was formed in 2009 in Dresden. Their 6-track debut album, Red Sessions, came out in November 2010. The opening number, The Truth Unfolded I, is free to download from while the album is for sale on Bandcamp starting at €2.99.


I found these Irish guys while listening to a Glastonbury Tag Radio on They have nine neat melancholic indie demo tracks, all downloadable from Soundcloud, and a promised album sometime this year.

Sleep Dealer

Stargazing melancholic post-rock music from Moscow. The one-man project’s first EP was released on the Radio Hand Netlabel and downloadable for free, along with several other songs from Take your pick, or listen to Nozomi (望み/Wish) here:


A slight problem is that the EP’s Rapidshare link is down and the Russian site wants people to look at ads first and whatnot. Using mad skills, black magic and a lot of Google translate I was able to grab the file, sparing you, dear readers, from the hassle: you can get The Way Home directly from Happy listening!