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Thank You For Stopping By

“When Love Arrives” written and performed by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye of Project V.O.I.C.E.

A little piece of philosophy

escalope |ɪˈskaləp, ɛ-, -ˈskɒl-, ˈɛskələʊp| (also escallop)
a thin slice of meat without any bone, typically a special cut of veal from the leg that is coated, fried, and served in a sauce.


Ez meg egy nagyon aranyos retro Disney rövidfilm, a már kihalóban léfő félig kézzel rajzolt technikával. Engem a 秒速5センチメートル-ra emlékeztetett. Csak hat perc.

Christina Perri

People who watched So You Think You Can Dance in 2010 probably know Jar of Hearts, since Christina Perri initially rose to fame with this debut single, which charted in the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 after being used in the TV show. It is also availabe to listen full length on

So Close

There have been several highly unpleasant experiences pouncing on me these past weeks, most of which were totally out of my control to avoid. Also – all hail Monday – they still seem steadily coming.

To make matters different this time is the fact that I know precisely what could instantly evaporate all my worries. However, if I achieve or not this said nirvana is also out of my hands (and – for now – reach).

Regardless: I will never let it go.


I do not think people are able to change, especially after a certain age. It is possible to learn, so I was told, but I am not convinced of that yet either. Against my better judgement, for example, I am reluctant to forget and move on. I do not really want to, anyway. Much like a child who does not know better, from time to time I experience little outbursts of lift-me-up hope and that I would be loath to give up.

Changing winds

Always like this

It seems I’m destined to be the one who has to swallow the sour grapes, as always. Something is clearly amiss, would1 that I knew what.


1 Reading too much Game of Thrones.

Мастер и Маргарита

За мной, читатель! Кто сказал тебе, что нет на свете настоящей, верной, вечной любви? Да отрежут лгуну его гнусный язык!
За мной, мой читатель, и только за мной, и я покажу тебе такую любовь!
Нет! Мастер ошибался, когда с горечью говорил Иванушке в больнице в тот час, когда ночь перевалилась через полночь, что она позабыла его. Этого быть не могло. Она его, конечно, не забыла.



It’s weird having this constant thought – much like an unkillable mosquito circling around one’s head at night – underlying my every decision, reorganizing my priorities, setting my mood. It comes in waves, sometimes flooding everything, other times just quietly lingering in the back of my head, nevertheless omnipresent.

Reciprocation would have been better.


I suppose after a certain age – or kindergarten – everyone is familiar with the joke in which the patient repeatedly touches various body parts and complains of pain which, in turn, gets identified as a broken finger.  Following this analogy if a series of endeavors all turn out to be failures of differing degree then how’s that to be interpreted as anything other than an issue with the attempter.


Do. Not. Try.