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Ulver (“wolves”) is a Norwegian experimental band I’m extremely glad to have found.

Their latest release is ATGCLVLSSCAP, a completely instrumental and partly improv album. I have first listened to it during a run in the gloomy, cold forest — exactly where the soundscape belongs.

Some of the songs reminded me of The Gathering, especially How To Measure A Planet.


Rég volt zene, úgyhogy itt egy nagyon szép ívű zongora-alapú post-rock szám a texasi Balmorhea-tól, If You Only Knew The Rain. Hallgassátok, vigyétek.

[audio:|titles=If You Only Knew The Rain]

Zoë Keating

She is a classically trained cellist producing her own albums while composing music for TV, film and ballet. Her instumental ambient-chillout melodies set a mellow atmosphere. Zoë Keating has one free track available on, Exurgency, however the leading track from One Cello x 16: Natoma is also available to listen to in full.


Neil Gaiman seems to appreciate her as well.

Also, if you like cello, don’t forget to check out 2CELLOS and Misi Várnagy.

The Best Pessimist

This is the one man project of musician and composer Sergey Lunev from Odessa, Ukraine. He has several piano-driven instrumental post rock pieces to download for free on So far my favourite is I Just Want To Be Your Everything. I can relate.

[audio:|titles=I Just Want To Be Your Everything]

The Echelon Effect

The Echelon Effect is David Walters from London, UK. He makes instrumental epic-sounding post-rock tracks often tending towards chillout and ambient. Some of them are free to download from, others are uploaded to Youtube. All songs, however, are available in lossless and lossy formats on Bandcamp on a name your price basis with no minimum set. Here are a few to try:

[audio:|titles=Nobility Of Loneliness] [audio:|titles=We Will Spin Forever] [audio:|titles=Your First Light My Eventide]

Sleep Dealer

Stargazing melancholic post-rock music from Moscow. The one-man project’s first EP was released on the Radio Hand Netlabel and downloadable for free, along with several other songs from Take your pick, or listen to Nozomi (望み/Wish) here:


A slight problem is that the EP’s Rapidshare link is down and the Russian site wants people to look at ads first and whatnot. Using mad skills, black magic and a lot of Google translate I was able to grab the file, sparing you, dear readers, from the hassle: you can get The Way Home directly from Happy listening!


2CELLOS, a.k.a. Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, have been mentioned before. Last week they uploaded a new video from their upcoming album, a dual cello rendition of AC/DC’s Welcome to the Jungle.

The LP is said to come out soon (maybe this week). The track list looks really interesting.


The previously mentioned 27 June gig at Tündérgyár will actually be Khuda‘s with support from Rosa Parks and The Ills. Khuda is a two-piece instrumental post-rock band from the UK. Their latest album came out only this month, titled Iecava. The second track from the new LP is free to listen to on their site.

Previous albums are also available on Bandcamp. Alternatively, check out the great pulsing rhythm and buildup of Tallin here.


Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks is a Hungarian post-rock band from Győr. I wouldn’t go into rating the music here, biased as I am. Anyway, both their albums are downloadable – song by song – from for free. I attached 0110 from Black Is The Color Of Bondage, Blue Is The Past as a sample. They have a tour blog as well, with live videos. Next they will perform at Tündérgyár, 27 June.


Shadow Venger

Ma metál napot tartottam a rádióban, így kaptam Venger’s Diaryt. Mint kiderült ez Shadow Venger gitáros már lezárt szövegcentrikus projektje. A gitárra fókuszáló munkáit mint Shadow Venger adja ki. Rengeteg közülük letölthető ingyen a oldaláról. Az instumentális Girl of the Sunsetben például nagyon tetszenek a ritmusváltások:

[audio:|titles=Girl of the Sunset]