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Suunto Smart Sensor – How to pair with Suunto Movescount App for iOS

Are you, like me, curious how much battery power is left in your Suunto HR belt, a.k.a. Smart Sensor? Fortunately the Movescount mobile app does supply this information. However, the instructions on how to pair the Suunto Smart Sensor with the app are quite outdated.

I have written to Suunto support about this but all I got as an answer were the canned instructions about tapping the watch icon in the app, etc. Even though I have expressly stated that this is where they have changed the app’s behaviour and it no longer looks for HR belts, only watches.

Anyway, through the UK phone support a representative helped me out by revealing that this functionality has moved to where you register Moves with the app. You can connect your HR belt by tapping the + sign next to the watch icon, selecting¬†Register a Move with the app and tapping the heart rate icon in the lower left corner. If you’re wearing the belt and it gets paired the app will also show the battery level.

I think it’s high time Suunto updated their online manuals and instructions, though.