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20 days

I’m not even going to pretend I have an excuse for not writing anything. Rather here are some breaking news: I got a plane ticket home for 25 September. This time I’m not only going for a brief visit but for good. I’m in the process of packing things up, trying to sell what I can’t pack and throw everything else out. It’s a challenging task to say the least.

I wasn’t entirely absent though: the daily picture project is alive and kicking and I was more or less punctual with the updates, too.


Funny thing is ever since I got home I’m sneezing incessantly. Apparently the unbearably hot and humid Japanese summer has its perks after all: it soothes my allergy. I got used to not having to blow my nose every other minute, and now I have to admit it’s quite annoying. I hope it’s just the change in climate and I’ll adapt to my new environment soon enough. In the meantime I should remind myself to have a handkerchief on me every time I leave the house…


Holnapután repülök haza. ( :mrgreen: ) Ma reggel esett megint a hó. Lekvár.


Azért itthon jó hideg van azt meg kell hagyni. Viszont van hó, és ettem igazi kiflit parizerrel és paprikával. Nyam. :mrgreen: