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Youth of today

Our presentation on the Holocaust went interesting… Of course most of our audience either slept, did homework or stared absently. When we finished and the professor asked if anyone had questions: no-one did. Again, no surprise here. She was adamant though and started to call people to ask something anyway and then a girl asked if there are any Jews living today.

I couldn’t help saying まだ残ってます。(There are still some left.)

So yeah, it’s good we worked on the presentation, it clearly had educational value.

Then we watched a part of Shoah. It’s an unusual documentary in the sense that it doesn’t use any archive material. All of it was shot at present day and it only contains experiences recounted by Holocaust survivors, guards, etc.

I was expecting a movie even I could enjoy, but it turned out to be in French. Additionally most of the interviewees spoke in their mother tongue, overdubbed in French, with Japanese subs applied. However much it bothers me for example that they silence the original English when dubbing the F1 interviews in Hungarian the lack of silencing here was very annoying. Try listening to someone speaking in German with French lagging behind half a minute…

For that matter, I actually have proper classes, where we’re supposedly learning professional material, not just goofing around and playing film aesthete. But those classes are lectures: a hundred students flock together, the professor gives a 90 minute speech, then we’re dismissed. No interactivity, no midterm papers, no nothing.

I find it absurd that we have to work for nonsense classes and where it could actually prove useful to do something outside of class we just have to mindlessly attend.