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Egyrészt email címért cserébe hat számnyi ingyen zene Trenttől, másrészt a Yeah Yeah Yeahs Karen O-ja, és David Fincher közreműködésével beteg videó.

SFmag antológia

Az SFmagon eddig megjelent novellákból, fordításokból készült egy antológia, amit ingyen le lehet tölteni ebookként, epub és prc formátumokban.

Én az előbbit választottam, hiszen ezt megeszi az iBooks: iTunesba behúzva azonnal szinkronizálható telefonra. Képernyőn olvasáshoz pedig a hozzáértők a Calibre nevű programot javasolják, ami PDF-et is képes gyártani e-könyvekből.

Igazából Juhász Viktor (Brainoiz) novellájáért töltöttem le, akire azóta nézek fel, mióta kiderült számomra, hogy Neil Gaimant fordított magyarra. A polidori aztán annyira lekötött, hogy a kádban is az iPhonet szorongattam, fittyet hányva a veszélyre.

Nemhiába, a főszereplő egy külföldön tanuló magyar egyetemista, mely helyzettel, azt hiszem, maximálisan tudok azonosulni. Hát igen. Ja, és vannak benne vámpírok is.

Erik Sumo Band

Az immár Verátlan Erik Sumo Band harmadik albumát teljes egészében ingyen letölthetővé tette. Maga az is egy Bandcamp oldalra vezet, ahol meghallgatható, és az összes ismert formátumban letölthető a The Ice Tower.

Remélem sokan adnak majd pénzt a koncertekért, fellépésekért, hogy más magyar együttesek is kövessék a jó példát.

Jó látásúak elolvashatják a Quart apróbetűs kritikáját, de szerintem inkább mindenki halgassa meg magának az albumot, akár itt is:

You can make money without doing evil

So I was going to check out a video on YouTube which turned out to be geobanned: Unfortunately this content is not available in your region because the owner has not granted the respective music publishing rights. Bla bla.

All right, I thought, this has happened before. Let’s try the phone which is on a non-proxied network. Only I was reluctant to go through the hassle of navigating to the video by hand and tried to look for an easier solution, such as sending a link directly to the Android browser.

It didn’t take long to find the Chrome to Phone extension-app pair which was just what I was looking for. Or so I thought. Because when I tried to install the app on the Nexus S I was greeted by the following error message: This item cannot be installed in your device’s country.

Really, Google? Where’s the much praised Android freedom now?

Marina & The Diamonds

For me the best act of this year’s Sziget Festival was definitely Marina & The Diamonds. On her 2010 tour she covered 3OH!3’s Starstrukk and subsequently offered it as a free download as a little present.

[audio:|titles=Starstrukk (Live In Norwich)]

Go Radio

Go Radio is a pop-punk band from Tallahassee, Florida. They have one free download track on, Any Other Heart. Turns out, this song was featured in‘s acoustic session:

Although former Mayday Parade vocalist Jason Lancaster was looking for some much needed time off and to get away from the daily grind of being in a band, he wasn’t idle very long. Jason was soon putting together and fronting Go Radio. Just after the release of the debut album Lucky Street, Jason along with Alex Reed, Matt “Burns” Poulos and Steven Kopacz stopped by for a Discover session. Start by lsitening to the heart-wrenching story that Jason has never really told in detail behind the song “Any Other Heart”…..then witness the rest of the session at

They are also found on MySpace.

Asobi Seksu

Aosbi Seksu could probably run for the Best Named Award: アソビ・セクスtranslates to ‘sex for fun’. They were introduced to me by my EU Law professor Johannes back in Japan (visiting from Germany). I almost missed their new shoegaze / dreampop album Fluorescence released in February 2011 off of which Trails is a free download:


Tribute to Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s iconic Nevermind SPIN magazine asked contemporary artists to cover the album’s tracks in their original order. What’s even better is that the whole shebang is free to download in exchange for an email address. The SPIN website also offers some band interviews on the subject.

Life’s Decay

This is quite a mixture of genres, mainly dark acoustic sounds with a touch of classical. What really makes it interesting is the French vocals. After all, Life’s Decay is a Paris-based duo offering several tracks as free downloads on

I got Inksterna (2007) in the radio but also liked Emerance (2009):

[audio:|titles=Inksterna] [audio:|titles=Emerance]

My Personal Murderer

Rarely do I get music recommendations on and those few are mostly self-marketers. Like this time when Bellerafont (age 20, from Ukraine), the frontman of My Personal Murderer sent his latest song, She’s Dead. Don’t ask why, I haven’t been listening to this band ever before.

[audio:|titles=She’s Dead]

Regardless, I liked what I heard. All their songs are fascinatingly depressive with lyrics of doom and soft guitar-driven melodies. They live on Facebook instead of having a website and most of their material is free to download from

As a bonus here’s a video for Danger Dancer (2011):