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Zakatol a balatoni nyár

Even though I haven’t been at Lake Balaton this year yet. Best to listen to if there’s a summer shower. Previously.

Life’s Decay

This is quite a mixture of genres, mainly dark acoustic sounds with a touch of classical. What really makes it interesting is the French vocals. After all, Life’s Decay is a Paris-based duo offering several tracks as free downloads on

I got Inksterna (2007) in the radio but also liked Emerance (2009):

[audio:|titles=Inksterna] [audio:|titles=Emerance]


This is so fresh it just came out yesterday. I don’t know who she/he/they is/are but morningdeer’s new LP, days, is quite an interesting listen. Expect experimental avantpop sometimes spiced with unlikely sound effects that reminds of Émilie Simon. The whole shebang is free on bandcamp and available in both lossless and lossy formats. I recommend checking out floor at least:


A Soap&Skin egy alig 20 éves osztrák lány, Anja Plaschg. Ilyen sötét zongorás zenét csinál:

Hatéves kora óta zongorázik, próbálkozott művészeti sulikkal, de inkább abbahagyta őket, és bámulatosan beteg weboldala van. A Lovetune for Vacuum albumának megjelenése után csodagyereknek titulálták. A Cynthia zongorafutamait hallgatva azt mondom, van valami alapja.