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Nyhavn 1

I’m going to København (again) in a few days so I decided to try how well I can do on Danish Duolingo. On the placement test I managed to clear 14 skills and advance to level 6. Most of the time just using Norwegian as an answer was a clear win. A few pointers:

  • Getting used to spelling can be tricky but there seem to be “rules” such as a p in Norwegian is often a b in Danish, an e becomes an æ, etc.
  • It is pretty much cheating, but setting a Danish keyboard on the iPhone corrects spelling on the go.
  • Also, Duolingo often accepts words when only one letter is different, writing it off as a typo.
  • Duolingo can be criticised for teaching its own logic, which once you’re familiar with can help a lot in solving the problems.
  • Don’t try to say ‘rødgrød med fløde’ to a native.

Norwegian (Bokmål) for English Speakers

Norwegian coming soon to a Duolingo app near you:

Dulling NO-BO progress

Progress reports are found on the Duolingo Incubator site. Can’t wait!