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No Connected Camera Error in Mountain Lion

Quite annoyingly after the computer goes to sleep and wakes up again, some applications have trouble recognising the built-in camera. Up until now I resorted to rebooting the Air, which is not that a big deal when you have an SSD, but still I wished I didn’t have to. Turns out there is an easier solution: an application called VDCAssistant is reserving the camera in these cases, which is safe to be killed either from the Activity Monitor or by issuing:

sudo killall VDCAssistant

A pack of pandas

Nice bug in the Mists of Pandaria beta caused a bit of a commotion on the test realm:

Reader / Chrome video bug

Vicces tud néha lenni, és főleg idegesítő, hogy a Chrome időnként abszolút más videókat tesz be a Reader megosztásokba, mint aminek ott kellene lennie.

Amon szerint az iframe hibás kezelésével van gond, és nem a Reader, hanem a böngésző hibája. A Firefox és a Chrome érintettek. KTamáson kívül más is tapasztalt már ilyet?


On 31 December 2010 at 22.40 while I was sitting alone at home the iMac produced one of its usual screen freezes.

Seriously, fuck this year.

24" iMac screen freeze

As some of the readers probably know I am a proud owner of a 2008 aluminium iMac (model 8,1).

However, lately I am being plagued by a very annoying and – so far – unavoidable issue: during use at a random point the screen just freezes, something like a permanent screenshot. I can’t tell when it happens, can be weeks without it coming up at all or just after a few hours of being switched on. Sometimes the mouse still works but no input is registered. The machine usually keeps running and – for example if iTunes was on – music keeps playing in the background. I can use ssh to log in to the machine as well.

In order to put the machine out of its misery the only solution is a hard reset. (Or issuing a reboot/shutdown command from ssh.)

I can’t really tell when the phenomenon started, could be around the 10.6.3 update.

I have tried the following methods so far:

So far none of the above helped and I am getting increasingly frustrated.

Some users reported that their video card/logic board was replaced by Apple, only there is no store in Hungary and I’m out of warranty… Regardless, I can’t tell if it is a software issue or a hardware issue brought up by software updates.

Update: So far it seems that Time Machine and the Firewire drive has to do something with the freezes. Unplugged it and freezing ceased, replugged as USB and I got a lockup within the day. Doing a long-term test now with no TM/drive.

Update 2: I have installed 10.6.5 yesterday, replugged the TM drive and only this morning I got another freeze. Apparently the patch did nothing to fix the problem. Testing with unplugged external storage once again.

Update 3: OS X just got endless beachballed while no TM drive was present. Back to square one. Apparently I’m not alone either.

Analytics plugin bug

You may have noticed a recent issue with comment author links: they had  ‘%20rel=’external%20nofollow” appended to the end of the URL. Apparently this is an incompatibility bug with the Google Analytics plugin by Rich Boakes (v0.68) and the latest release of WP. I found a thread on the WP support forums detailing a fix which I’m happy to say works. Simply change the following line in googleanalytics.php:

function comment_author_link($text) {
	static $anchorPattern = '(.*href\s*=\s*)[\"\']*(.*)[\"\'] (.*)';

To this:

function comment_author_link($text) {
	static $anchorPattern = '(.*href\s*=\s*)[\"\']*(.*\?)[\"\'] (.*)';

Gotta love regexp. :)