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Scarlet Ribbons

Still here, posting. Not about the Sziget yet. Have to work on that laziness first…

But you get a preview of sorts. This photo of me at the HammerWorld Stage wouldn’t have worked at a higher resolution anyway, it’s way too blurry. Yes, that’s a Nightwish – Once tee.

sziget 006

In other news: the mosquitos – laughing in the face of the chemicals they were supposed to die of – are happily increasing in number and they’re bolder than ever. The simple process of getting into the car is now an extreme sport: I can’t open and close the door without a dozen of them getting in.

BH went home yesterday. I almost died during a laughable 3k run again – really have to work on that stamina. The stupidity of people doesn’t cease to amaze me in WoW. And parents are coming back from their UK/Paris trip tomorrow.

Sleep now.