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Ferrari In Aid (FIA)

Even I, a Ferrari supporter, think this is too much. Naturally I was upset about the results of the Belgian race, Kimi trashing his car the way he did on the penultimate lap, nevertheless penalising Hamilton with extra time after the race is lacking in aesthetic judgement. While every other time a (non-McLaren) driver made a mistake the judges opted for penalty fees, this time they decided to alter the very results. How can one take the races seriously after these decisions?

I don’t think I’m alone with the opinion anyway, that F1 got way too entangled in obscure regulations which are against the essence of competition. While I agree that rules must be laid down to keep oder and safety on the track, lately not even the teams seem to remember and apply them all. Also the decisions when to inflict a penalty and what kind seem quite arbitrary to me.

I wouldn’t want to win a race like Massa won this one either. If he eventually manages to win the championship I’m sure no-one will forget how today’s Grand Prix helped him to it.