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Pegasi Don’t Exist

A Hungarian band for Friday I found on Anett’s blog. Kiadó was played on the radio so you might have heard it before.

Silver Swans

For Tuesday, an electro-pop cover of The National’s Anyone’s Ghost by the Silver Swans, as seen on Revenge.

This one and Holidays are free to download on, and all of their songs can be purchased on Bandcamp for a buck each.


Juliana‘s planning to go on a musical road trip, and as means of funding she offers a demo single of her latest original song for whatever money people want to pay, may it be a cent or a thousand cents (or none).

Also, as a gift, all her covers from the past three years are available for download, no charge at all. That’s more than four hours of mostly girl-with-a-guitar music. Check it out on her Bandcamp page and don’t forget to read her message.

Please feel free to download and share all of this with anyone and everyone, because sharing is caring and the world could certainly use a little more of that.



Just hours ago, somewhat out of the blue, The Gathering released a song from their upcoming album Disclosure.

Clocking in at almost eight and a half minutes this one’s as epic as expected with nice long instrumental sections. As a novelty the track starts with the keyboardist Frank Boeijen singing some vocals.

The song is not only for streaming, it is free to download in a multitude of formats.

Erik Sumo Band

Az immár Verátlan Erik Sumo Band harmadik albumát teljes egészében ingyen letölthetővé tette. Maga az is egy Bandcamp oldalra vezet, ahol meghallgatható, és az összes ismert formátumban letölthető a The Ice Tower.

Remélem sokan adnak majd pénzt a koncertekért, fellépésekért, hogy más magyar együttesek is kövessék a jó példát.

Jó látásúak elolvashatják a Quart apróbetűs kritikáját, de szerintem inkább mindenki halgassa meg magának az albumot, akár itt is:

marionette ID


A marionette ID-ről volt már szó, amikor a God is an Astronaut előzenekaraként láttam őket. Nemrég jelent meg az új albumuk, a kicsit melankolikusabban és kidolgozottabban hangzó Alluvion. Ennek örömére a Kultblog készített velük részletes interjút. A lemezt meg meg lehet hallgatni streamelve itt, vagy kevés pénzért hozzájutni Bandcampen. Illetve az első szám, a Serenity, ingyen letölthető a Soundcloudról.

Rocky and Balls

To contradict all the melancholic and sorrowful content of these past… weeks (?), here’s a post that is bound to make anyone at least smile a little bit. There will be cake as well.

Rocky and Balls are two girls from Leeds who sing sweet ditties about the most mundane things and still manage to be funny. They are also known to bake, watch this:

This May they released a 10-track full-length album titled We Like Cake And Beards And Stuff which costs only ₤6 on Bandcamp to own. Alternatively you can listen to the witty lyrics and ukulele here. (If you buy the whole album you get an ultra special otherwise impossible to acquire version of Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” called “Spit Spot”.)

They are also found on Twitter and Facebook.

Juliana reloaded

I wrote about Juliana Daily’s music back in February noting that her original songs are unfortunately not accessible internationally. I’m happy to announce this is no longer the case: for barely a price of a beer ($3) you can get either the Falls From Trees EP or the Birdsongs EP, each with three numbers. As per Bandcamp standards a plethora of lossy and lossless formats are available.

For encouragement, here’s her latest cover of Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground by The White Stripes.