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I've done this before…

I managed to import the songs properly to iTunes finally.

(For non-Hungarian speakers, the last post was about me being unable to change the ID3 info of a couple of songs in iTunes. I could rewrite the tags all right, it just got changed back whenever I restarted iTunes.)

Googling the problem revealed that apparently other people have encountered the same bug, but I couldn’t find any decent solution. So I just copied the songs to Linux, rewrote the ID3s in Audacious and imported them back. It worked.

But in order to do that I had to set up the NFS. And NFS requires that the uids of the users are the same on both machines so I had to change my uid on the MacBook. (Following this guide.)

(I could have sworn I wrote a blog post about this when I first did it. Couldn’t seem to find the post though.)

See how every problem generates a new one?

Anyway, I also managed to get my backup of the Documents folder restored from iDisk. (It’s basically some storage space on Apple’s servers that comes with the .Mac subscription.) I really don’t know what divine enlightenment possessed me at that moment, but I set up a daily backup for the documents on the Mac using the .Mac Backup 3 tool a while ago. Probably I just wanted to try the backup software…

The technology is the following: at the start it creates an archive then whenever a file is changed it creates a so-called increment file. This way only the changes are saved greatly reducing the disk space needed.

However possibly because of .Mac being unbearably slow the process of restoring from a backup takes ages. And Backup 3 isn’t really offering much feedback either, other than the rainbow cursor of death. I guess it has to check through every single increment file and reading those takes time. They could have put a progress bar there or something though, because it really looks like it just hung. For several minutes. And I mean several.

Then when it finally starts copying the files back the progress bar has the nasty habit of disappearing for – once again – extended periods of time.

I can’t complain though because it really did copy everything back.

However, the best part was when I removed the old backups from iDisk. Again, it worked without a glitch – took bloody ages of course – but it displayed something like this:

.Mac acting up