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Pigs on the Wing

In preparation of the impending epidemic I watched Children of Men yesterday to get into the proper post-apocalyptic mood. I’m not sure the sheer awesomeness of the movie registered during the first viewing. Take the reference below as an example:



It’s also very important to mention that almost every shot in the movie contains some kind of animal, usually a dog. Symbolism galore.

As for the Swine Flu status, not much to report. There aren’t less people in the streets, but the ratio of face-masked pedestrians has dramatically increased. Almost all public workers – such as shop assistants, bus drivers, postal workers, etc. – wear masks as well. Yesterday evening the neighborhood Lawson convenience store informed shoppers that it was out of stock for masks. (I just went to buy Coke.) Reuters now reports more than a hundred people confirmed as infected in Japan, a number I’m not sure I believe. No zombies have been spotted yet.