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I take a rare opportunity to post because at the moment I am in front of a computer and not doing anythig else but browse. I am glad to inform everyone that I am elected Organising Commitee President for JobNeked, a project in AIESEC LC BUESPA. This means lot of work of course plus I have to attend my classes as well. I can never even chat with the people I used to. Hopefully during the upcoming weekend…

@ weekend

There might be a little bit of silence again. I will be at an AIESEC event during the weekend and I suppose next week will be extremely busy and exhausting for me. I will try my best and post from the university computers though. :)

I didn’t forget about the ‘thing I wanted to tell’ either. I will come up with it eventually. (Some more marketing. ;) )

the voice within

Fast update comes as I couldn’t stand the whispering of the still small voice within…

So. Today I am going to the election of the Executive Board of our AIESEC Local Committee. It is quite a big event with many traditions and special enjoyments so I am quite looking forward to it. As for what happened lately I updated the site though it is not visible. I tried to make it better viewed with other browsers not only Internet Explorer as well. In AO I had many struggles wth the new mission system, which – after two emergency pathes – is still not flawless.

Shortly this is it, though I – again – have other thing to tell which I don’t have time to. I will need to send an email to the GM of life that a day shall be 27 hours.

in a hurry

I made a timing mistake in yesterday’s post as I didn’t update the day when posting. That was corrected.

As for today I will be short and brief because I am writing in the AIESEC office. We are preparing for our annual “spring camp”. I am expecting tons of fun there. The only problem is that I cannot attend the Saturday meeting of Velvet, though I very much want to. Anyway… I guess this is it for now, I need to go.


I have a very good, almost unbeatable excuse for not updating in the weekend. (No, bad guess, I am still alive. :) I happaned to be in Graz (Austria). It was great, and there are many things that I want to tell you about my journey… another time. Today I am too exhausted to write long posts, and surely the one about Graz will be a long one. Tomorrow I will move to another dormitory as well. So this is it for today.

IT coord

Yo! I forgot to mention it last time but I was officially selected to be IT Coordinator at the last LC meeting we held. :)

Plus the translation of {the website of Komaromy Publishing, Inc.} went online. It was me who did the translation.

Nothing else happened to me I think from then, at least not anything significant. I am highly looking forward to Friday when I can play AO. And I have a website to design as well. (Any more info is resticted :) )

Training 'n' Education

I am very surprised ho organised I am. :) Managed to write a post yesterday and today as well… amazing. :) I found out other computers at our lab where one can FTP (not all of them are capable :( ) so from now on there is an increasing chance of updating.

My written tests were quite successful (the ones I already know) so I am satisfied. They were not that difficult as I have expected though.

Tomorrow starts the TEACH conference of AIESEC at BalatonberĂ©ny. So I won’t post anything until next Monday (If I’ll have time then…). I am looking forward it hoivere much tiring it is. Because as usual AIESEC gatherings are the following: morning, afternoon: education, work, trainings, etc while at night: partying ; sleep: nothing at all ; consequence: total fatigue. Hehe, like I were that rested and fresh now.


*Yawns* I attended a so called sleepover which had started yesterday and meant a night-long brainstorming and project organising. It was very tiring (AIESEC fellows said I was sleeping at the end however they did not know I only rested my eyes… :)

The other (bigger) problem is, that I have to write a sociology test in an hour. So I’d better stop post-writing and start tuning me up to the challange that awaits…


The AIESEC-weekend was great indeed. :) Now I am quite positive about taking part in some of the AIESEC projects running at AIESEC BUESPA (I’ve just learned this, this is the official abbreviation of Budapest University of Economy and Public Administration). There will be meetings at which the projects are discussed and the tasks handed out. All this seems very professional just like in a company. ;)

Ack! More: Damn! I have to do german homework… I hate it because the things we learn are far beyond my knowledge, so I cannot understand half ot the things half of which I want. So I will be at the language-labor for a looong time… :(