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Have a Nice Trip

A continuation of the previous theme, reinforcing what we once talked about at a party. This is the only addiction that’s good for you.

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E pur si muove

After leaving the whole pack of gadgets angrily on my shelf yesterday about a half an hour later I went back for a final test. And I’ll be damned it worked. I guess it was a coronal mass ejection after all – my favourite excuse for malfunctioning electronics.

On a more serious note probably the new sensor didn’t take me pushing its sleep/wake button like a madman too well. Or it could be that the old sensor still has some life in it and the proximity could have interfered with the recognition. One or the other.

I ran a 5k yesterday and one today in celebration.

Sadly – although the sun played hide and seek with the clouds all day – the warm weather is gone. During my run today I had to battle with headwind in the one digits (metric). My route is along a wide road for 2 kilometers then a U-turn and I follow the train tracks uphill. Between 3 and 4 kilometers there is a quite steadily continuing slope up followed by a nice relaxing descent until about 4.5k. 


Surprisingly enough the wind doesn’t show on the graph, just the slopes. (Each dot is a kilometer marker. The last one stands for 5.02.)

I also have to remember to buy longer socks because my ankles were practically freezing off. Ankle socks and sweatpants have an uncomfortable area where they don’t overlap and let the wind blow through. However I don’t want to go back to my longer socks since they are not designed for running. I wasn’t a huge believer in sportswear like special socks until I found out that by using the proper socks actually made my blisters disappear.

In the end though it was all worth it. The wind, the cold, everything. Even though when I was running on the upper part of the hill I encountered some indecisively sprinkling rain just on the final hundred meters the iPod shuffled The Passenger and the sun came out to warm my back on the walk home. Must have been karma.

Activision Blizzard

Video game giants in $18bn merger, azaz összeáll a Bilzz és az Activision. Hallottam pesszimista véleményeket a dologról, de mivel a pénz nagyobbik fele a Blizzardtól jön, valamint mivel – ahogyan eddig is – a főrészvényes a Vivendi lesz, sokminden nem hiszem hogy változna. Hátha lesz pénz új hörcsögökre a szervertermekben… :mrgreen:

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