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Other autumn-signs came up this morning. I noticed, that our cat has grown a much more tight and bigger fur for the upcoming winter. Funny, because he seems to have increased in size due to this. Cats are no doubt amazing creatures. :)

However much I wanted to be or at least seem happy today, I dislike Sundays for the reason that I have to learn German for Monday and have to travel by train back to Budapest. Trains are extremely crowded due to the fact that tons of other students like me go back to uni on Sundays.

I still have work to do. A project for my sociology seminar. *sigh*


It’s definately autumn here. The unmistakeable sign of the beginning of autumn is that I need socks when I stay awake late working with the computer. I always have slippers – though I am not quite sure that my sandal-like ‘shoes’ can be called slippers properly – on even in summer, because my body has the strange trait of being cold at the ‘ends’ or to put it clearer my hands and feet are always very cold. But now as we haven’t started heating yet, the lower region of the rooms is too cold for the barefoot-slipper combo.

My feelings are autumnish as well. I have no idea why but especially on weekends I feel an unexplainable dislikeness towards repeatable contemporary things. Like making the bed, brushing my teeth, having a haircut, learning German, updating the journal… I am tired of doing what I have to. This frightens me as probably it is the result of the beginning of the schoolyear, but having such attitude after two weeks is a warning sign… :(

And: I am VERY disappointed. I had a system crash that caused a complete hard-drive data loss. (Seems like {data losses} happen this time of the year more often.) This erased my AO install as well. The problem is, I have a very old version – 12.9 – and after a short calculation I recognised, that my remaining net-time of the 40 hours of net is not enough at my connection speed to download all the patches I need. Luckily one of my friends helped me: he downloaded the big 11.0 -> 14.5 patch. And then came the shock. This patch is good for ONLY 11.0, and no other later versions of AO. (Meaning I would need a 12.9 -> 13.0 patch, all 13.x patches and the 14.0 -> 14.5 patch.) I haven’t ever seen a game for which the collective patch wouldn’t update from any version to the latest. What use does the collective patch have at all?? Crap.

baggage lost

Thursday. This means I have a completely free day, and an access to the net from my father’s office. :)

Yesterday I was in {Corvin Cinema Budapest} – a rather prestigeous place. I watched minority report, and it was indeed shocking. I like Spielberg very much since A.I. and this moivie resembled very much to it with its alternative future setting and mainly moral and ethical questions. And besides this it has adrenaline-rush action scenes as well. Pity I am too tired to write more… :(

Yep, I am tired, I hit the hay late at night as my uni-group had a party… And being sleepy means my English shrinks to a very low level. I forget the most simple words and make tons of mistakes. So I guess I’d better finish this post. ;)

Hehe, I thought better of it, as I forgot to write about a very sad experience of mine. One of the reasons I didn’t update in addition to the others mentioned in my pervious post is that I was a buit down under because of my new ‘life’ here had a rough start…

To begin with on my very first day in {Budapest} my group at the Uni (the 790 students are groupped into 18 groups) went to chat and drink to the Gellért-hill. I felt myself so good that I completely forgot to take my backpack with me when we left. Needless to say that when I ran backl for it – after 3 minutes – it disappeared. (This is how things work in big cities sadly.) The bag contained a rather expensive book as well as my scientific calculator and many university papers. This may not seem that much but consider I live in a developing country where ordinary people live in humbler conditions and that I am an university student, and those are not famous for having tons of spare money.

And there came other little nuisances too, like I was kicvked form communication lessons because the student limit was incorrectly set on the computer database we use to apply for lectures. The group contained 40 people insted of 25 so 15 were sent away including me. This has been solves though as a new group was started and I managed to get in it.

Well, enough of whining. One needs to forget bad things that ahppen with him/her as fast as possible. (I wish I had the ability to do this…)


Hm. A bit of a silence for some time I shall say. I had tons of things to do and some unexpected accidents prevented me from updating my website for quite a long time.

First when I moved to Budapest I left the password for the ftp access at home, and no one could retrieve it for me. And when I got home came the shock. I switched the computer on and the Windows Xp started to whine about some file that is corrupted and that I should use the CD to repair it. Well, I found a .sav version of the file and exchenged it hoping that the problem is sloved. Well to my greatest surprise Windows started to reinstall (!) itself on its own… no comment.

Anyway the password of the ftp access was on my computer as well, and – yes you guessed it right – I have lost it during the windows reinstall. Ack. But cheer up, let the sun shine, etc. as I have the password now. (The support of the service provider sent it to me. :) ) So from now on, I am trying to update somehow regularly. (Note that this is not my first later supposedly unfulfilled promise! ;) )

Yehaw, almost forgot the astonishing news: I got a reader mail! (Well not *that* astonishing as my cousin wrote it… ;) The original letter was in Hungarian, the translation is mine.)

‘I am just browsing and I am shocked how cool, it is… really, it is very much like you. Congratulations!!!
I like the second picture from above in your bio and the picture took in Greece is cute too. Show them to girls, they will surely be impressed…. ;)’

Errr… thanks really! :) Happy to hear that my site is liked. Homework for you, readers: send as many girls as you know to check my site out! :)


I am having a very bad day. I started to play AO in the afternoon, but I soon abandoned it. I don’t know what caused that – the servers or my computer – but AO was unplayable. I had mostly 1-2 FPS (!) not only in BS but everywhere, it lagged unbearably. Needless to mention I have lost a fair amount of XP because of this…

From that time on I had a sad, lonely feeling clouding my brain all the rest of the day. Call it a deperession or anything, but I seemed to lack the enthusiasm to do anything at all.

Finally just a few hours ago I watched TV where a Hungarian romantic comedy was broadcasted. The main character – a teacher – fell in love with one of his students. Natuarally this love had to remain unfulfilled. Being so the teacher said the following: “Why to live when there is no-one whose hand i could hold … or who would hold my hand…” As this was a movie, it had a happy end, but is this true for real life as well? I am not sure… sadly…

Anyway the only thing I am satisfied with today is the rewritten version of my bio. I decided to rewrite it as I didn’t like the previous version. I wrote it only because the pictures were ready and I wanted the site to be online. Now it reflects my life better I think. I started to add a timestamp to the posts too. Well done me. :)


Today I watched {A.I.} again with my brother. For the second time I noticed some more little elements that were kept hidden when I first saw the film. This is why I decided to write about it now. (The following part may contain spoilers, I recommend to read after seeing the movie.)

A.I. is set in the near future when the ecological disasters predicted became true. The ice-caps on the poles melted and the population of the Earth radically increased. This created a need for robots with artificial intelligence. Robots that don’t eat, never sleep, all in all far more potent than real men. The artificial intelligence driving these robots improved through the times as well. But robots don’t have feelings, they respond to stimuli as programmed, but without emotions.

This changes when Cybertronics introduces David on the market. David is a unique Mecha, a boy-age robot who is programmed to love her ‘mother’. However creating a robot that can love raises the question what responsibility the person who has this love holds? Will there be a person who loves the robot back?

Anyway, imagine when we can build a robot that can feel. what if we could accurately simulate the neuron chain with electronic devices? What if we can build a brain that is exactly like ours with a body exactly like ours, too? Who can tell robots and humans apart? what is the boundary between organic life and robotic life?

In a world where cloning became a part of everyday life, in a wolrd where genetics and electronics improves day by day at an unbeliveable speed these questions are not that far-fetched as they seem to be.

We have always searched for the ‘spark of life’, the thing that makes someone alive and disappears when we die. what makes someone living at all? The ability of reproduction? At some level of technology we will be able to make robots that reproduce themsleves I think… And like real living beings there can be errors during the reproduction. And this fact enables evolution. So would these bots live?

Ethical, philosophical and technical questions. No matter how fast our development in any field is there always be questions, this process is endless. I just hope the right answers will be found.

registration week

I am at home again after the ‘zeroth’ week of the university. My first impressions are quite good, it seems I will have a good time in Budapest. :)

These 5 days are called ‘zeroth’ week as no teaching took place, no lectures or seminars were held. All we had to do is register ourselves for the first year, look around, visit the library and familiarise ourselves with the life at the uni. Of course the instructors of the groups were of great help in this.

And now comes apologising: The cause of not adding any content to this site is that I left the password for the ftp server on my home computer, so I couldn’t access the site at all. Sorry about this.


Busy day again.

Tomorrow I am moving to my room at the uni. I am curious about my roomies (there will be 4 of us). And I have tons of things to do, pack my things etc…

This is the shortest post ever… :)

freshmen camp

Back at home. The freshmen camp was great! :) I had the time of my life there. My group is full of very friendly people and at the end of the five days we became a real team. However we had much help doing this as this university has a very special inner ‘organisation’ which was set up to assist the first-years’ integration to the community of the university. These students are the instructors. (We called them dementors… :) ) Every student group at the uni has two or three of them, to help them in any way. This feature is unique at the Budapest University of Economics for – as far as I know – no other uni has anything like this.

I guess this is it for now, I am very tired (last night party was exhausting, and I haven’t slept nearly enough). More is supposed to come later. Tomorrow.


I visited Rubi-Ka for a quarter of an hour, and it made me feel really sad. Actually not sad but sorry for myself. My friends there gained lots of levels, I can’t even team with some of them anymore. This is not fair, that I have no chance to be online just because I live elsewhere. Well, whole life is unfair… I am just sad that things will never be the same again on Rubi-Ka for me.

Anyway I am going to freshmen camp tomorrow. It will end on 30 August. I don’t know if any foreign schools have such ‘camps’. Mainly the whole thing is about playing tricks on the freshmen, and it is a sort of an initiation ceremony. This is why I have some uncertain bad feeling about the whole event.

My horoscope said any travel I am making next week will be pleasant and sucessful. Pity I don’t believe in horoscopes.

Cya all in 5 days! ;)