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deprivation symptomes

I feel like a smoker who tries to abandon smoking. I hate this lack of net. I miss my friends, too. And what bothers me most is that I cannot do anything to change this. No chance.

Well, I will be away from home for the next week so maybe I can put up with this situation until I arrive. Next week there will be a sort of ‘camp’ for freshmen at my university. I hope it will be good, although there are signs of warning. One of my friends came back from his freshmen camp earlier as he felt himself terrible…

Anyway I am supposed to get to know with my fellow students there and gather some info about the uni itself, as well as about the life in it. If everything will go like I described above, it will make a good time I am sure. :)

Hm… I am starting to be very very lazy. As you see I used some phrasal verbs in this post. But: I am not at all sure that those phrasal verbs mean what I think they mean. And: I am toooo lazy to look them up (hehe, this phrase I know…) in a dictionary. It resembles school times that i want to forget for the following one week, until it starts again… Forgive me. :)

equilibria in the theory of non-cooperative games

Post again. In the afternoon I searched for some links I can use for my journal entries. I wanted a link to the real John Nash for the Beautiful Mind entry, so I visited the {official Nobel Prize site}. To my greatest surprise – how could I forget it – in 1994 John Nash got a separated prize “for their pioneering analysis of equilibria in the theory of non-cooperative games” with the Hungarian John Harsanyi! :) I know about Harsanyi, because of the {website} I made (with my friends) about the Hungarian Nobel Prize winners. Sadly Harsanyi got to flee from Hungary at the second world war this is why he got the prize as a US citizen.

Hungary has its beautiful minds too.


*Yawns* I am sleepy. Yesterday night I spent my last hours online on AO. Early in the morning – oh, well, not that early, 9 o’clolck – I was woken up by my father, operating a metal cutter right under my window. (He is assembling a shelf for the pantry.) The problem is, that tomorrow I will need to get up at the crack of dawn as the whole family is going to {Z├ínka (Hungarian)} to the annual dancing competiton held there. As my brother is a dancer. (He dances with a partner, you know, cha-cha, tango, etc.) This is one of the largest dancing competitons held in Hungary, and this is good because in dancing people need points to advance to a higher level, and you get as many points as the number of pairs you overtook. So more competitors, more possible points. :)

All above sounds a good trip however we don’t have a car. This means we have to go by train, which is slow and exhausting. I pretty much hate trains.

And for those who don’t know, tomorrow (20th August) is a national holiday in Hungary. This is the day of St. Stephen I, the king who made Hungarians settle and who converted us to Christianity. 20 August means a whole-day celebration with the recall of historical events and a huge fireworks at night. Sadly due to the massive flood we have on the Danube, the fireworks was cancelled in Budapest (capital). And we will travel all the day. :(

This flood thing though causes lots of damage and problems by the Danube. In Germany and Austria the situation is even worse than here. Whole cities are in danger. I don’t know why but the nuber of catastrophies connected to the nature seem to increase. Almost every year the river flowing about 300 meters far from our house floods as well due to the massive forest-destructions in Romania. (If they cut the trees down, the snow melts at once not slowly and the rivers cannot deal with that much water.) It’s very frightening to see that the water is almost as high as the dam that protects the houses… I hope next spring we won’t have floods again.

Double Red

Yesterday night was bad. I had the worst two hours on Anarchy Online ever. An argument, heated to the top, exploded and caused a massive internal crisis between clans. This is most regrettable. The main problem is Tarasque, the dragon, and his loot. I saw my friends teasing and hurting each other, clanners turning against clanners.

And my personal problem: net access. My time on the net is over for this month. This is the end. La finita comedia.

These two things pursued me to the decision to leave my newly created organisation Radiant Heart. The leadership was given to Knightsabre a while ago, when it became clear that my limited online time affects the evolution of the clan in a very negative way. But now I left beacuse this way I am useless, incapable of anything. Sadly.

A little happiness: double {Ferrari} winning at the {Hungarian Grand Prix}. I was a Ferrari-fan since I first started to follow the {F1} races at the age of 6. This means Ferrari won the F1 Constructor’s Championship too. Well done! :)

Beautiful Mind

Finally the – yet unfinished – site of Radiant Heart is up and can be seen at {}. I am delighted, satisfied and tired. :)

Yesterday afternoon I experienced something that – I am absolutely positive about this – will remain in my memories for a long time. I saw the movie: {A Beatutiful Mind} ({IMDB}). It was astonishing, shocking and gripping. The best film I have seen in a long time. I was surprised at the way how Russel Crowe played {John Nash}. I saw Crowe in the {Gladiator} ({IMDB}) as well, and I couldn’t really imagine that he is capable of such performance. The other thing that surprised me was the point when it becomes clear, that Nash’s friend at the university who played a most important role until then was nothing more that a pure imagination of a sick brain. This renders the watchers thoughts of the first part of the film obsolete in one hush. Incredible.
I don’t think this movie needs to be writing about. Go and see it, everyone!

online at last

Yehaw! I got online! :) Just in time before I became unsaveably psychic for writing an online journal for myself (as nobody could read it). From now is available on {}. The site will be moved to {} as soon as my two-week waiting period for the registration ends.

Besides this good news I am very busy creating the website of Radiant Heart. I am not very skilled in image-editing this is why I progress slowly. I am tired a bit as well.


The weather status is unchanged. It’s raining again. Affects my mood as well, I am melancholic and sad. I have a sneaking headache in my head too. It’s not strong enough to apply some medicine on it, but it is still there… creeping… lurking… aww. :(

My 40 hours of Internet for this month is gone. Considering it is 14th today, this suxx. Deeply. I will surely go mad if nothing happens to change this unbearable situation of the Net access here. I would have work to do, i need to grab pictures from Anarchy Online for the site, but offline there is no chance.

My only happiness is a new adventure game: {Syberia}. I just started it, and had not too much time to play, but it still seems a masterpiece. I will write more about it, I am positive, if I finished it.

I hope at least you, others, out there have a better day.


Busy day again. Radiant Heart started to grow, we have six members at the moment. I have started to design a website for the guild as well. I am continuously designing websites. First, now Radiant Heart’s. This can be a good thing, but flashing HTML and CSS codes when shutting my eyes are certainly not.

And the weather is bad too. It is cloudy, relatively cold, wet and unpleasant outside. But however thick is the layer of clouds above, I still don’t think it will rain. This part of Hungary is the most driest of all. In summer there are three-finger-wide cracks in the soil as sometimes weeks pass without rain. So due to my own statistics if the sky is clouded even heavily there is only a chance of one to nine that it will rain.Thats why I almost never bring an umbrella with me. And this is why I get soaked many times. :)

Yehaw, and movies again. Yesterday I watched two films! :)
First one was {Dragonfly} ({IMDB}) starring Kevin Costner. (The following lines include spoilers, if you want to see the movie, don’t read.) This is about a theme that was very popular some years ago but surprisingly still not forgotten: supernatural. Kevin Costner plays a doctor in this movie, whose wife dies in an accident somewhere in South-America where she cures children. However even after her death strange things start to happen. Children in her hospital see weird things in coma, her parrot gets crazy, and a wavy cross appears everywhere, that resembles a dragonfly. (She was keen on dragonflies.) The story starts a little slow but then it folds out and it becomes really interesting in my opinion. there are some thrilling scenes as dead people come to life again, while Costner’s wife is using them to try to get in contact with his husband. It is spooky and weird. And the ending is a great surprise. In these kind of movies the ending can be a great disappointment, in this case it is not. The greatest twist of the story is here, it is a real relief and a close. All in all this is a good film, I liked it.

The next movie I saw – late at night, brrr – was {Resident Evil} ({IMDB}). It is a film based on the video game sequel of the same title. However I have never played with them, as they are mainly console games, and I do not have a console. And the PC version sucks. Anyway this movie was better than my expectations. It starts very impressive. For the first tens of minutes you can’t really figure out what is going on and why are things happening in the film. The main characters of the film have memory loss, but so does the one who is seeing the film. The plot reveals backwards as the story goes on, de to the regular memory flashbacks.

The plot is not that unique but this structure makes it unique. And aside from the relatively strong story line, one can see impressive special effects and tons of ugly zombies and creatures that can really frighten you if you are watching the movie alone at night… :) And lastly but not leastly the film stars Milla Jovovich. She runs through the movie in a hot red dress sometimes carrying an axe or a pistol even. She is really amazing, her penetrating eyes and sometimes wild outlook very much suits the character she plays. And when you think you are out, and it is over… well, my friend said this about the film when I got it from him: “It ends so that a new movie could be started right from there.”

Radiant Heart

I haven’t done a post in some time now. This is because I was obsessed with playing Anarchy Online. Since 2 days I have left Velvet – not because I didn’t like it there, I had the time of my life – but I wanted to fulfill my dreams. So with a fellow adventurer and a good friend, {Knightsabre}, we founded a new Anarchy Online organisation, under the name {Radiant Heart}. We aim to be a helpful and kind guild, in which members have a good time and much fun of playing. May we be successful on our quest. :)

I am still disappointed as is still not online. Semms like the web space provider works slowly a bit…

Yesterday I watched a movie too: Along Came a Spider. It was thrillingly exciting. A well-written story that chained me into the chair to the very end. The story is about a kidnap, but the plot twists and turns so fast in the end that is impressive. And I have to mention the main female character who is played by Monica Potter. To tell you the truth i haven’t ever seen the girl in any movie yet. But she looks very pretty IMHO. And she resembles exactly to my Anarchy Online character! :) I hope I can see her again in something…

And there is a movie I want to see. A.I. – Artificial Intelligence. I am highly looking forvard to this piece as it got excellent critics in {Hungary}. Before getting the movie, I checked out its {website}. It is truly amazing! Everyone should try Chatbot! She is a robot with AI that can answer your questions and can chat with you. I couldn’t think of a question yet she couldn’t answer. I am curious how could she be written… She looks terribly intelligent. Congrats, creators!


I may be insane. I am writing an online journal for myself as it is still offline. Weekend is coming and there is still no sign of my webspace contract. And I am bored like hell. I can’t play AO only at night (Damn Matav), I wrote tons of emails to which there is still no answer to read, I read all my books, and I cannot buy any new ones.

I started to play Jazz and Faust, an adventure-game which I got with the gaming magazine ({GameStar (Hungarian)}) I am a subscriber of. I abandoned it soon. It is translated into Hungarian, but the translation has misunderstandings even at the first couple of lines, it has many bugs and the feeling is so much screwed up with the translation that I left it alone. I wish I had it in English. I think I need to visit my friend and get some DVD-rips so that I can kill the time until I can go online again.