Engineering Manager | Trail Runner | Stockholm, Sweden


I’ve been asked how continued use of the AirPods was like and I felt the topic deserved more than a tweetful. Most of the functions are covered in reviews so I am going for my personal experiences.

Just like every early test confirmed: the AirPods do not fall out. I’ve always suspected that it was the cord, in fact, that pushed the earbuds out and when it’s gone they stay put. I wore them in strong wind, during running, and riding a bike without any problems.

While running at first I usually feel a slightly uncomfortable feeling as if the AirPods would drop out any second. However, this goes away quickly and soon I forget about them altogether. In case of sports the lack of tangling wires is a godsend.

The only time one of them did fall out was when I looked high up to the sky while walking and gravity did its job. Incidentally the right pod landed in a deep puddle, too, after which it continued to function normally proving they are safe to be used in the rain too.

The lack of controls doesn’t bother me. Realistically, how often does one adjust volume anyway? When I want to I can find the buttons on the phone just by touch. The fact that removing one pod pauses the music and removing both stops covers most of my daily needs for control.

I use Siri to call people because it can be taught relations eliminating the need to make her understand Hungarian names. (Impossible.) ‘Call my mother’ works perfectly without needing to speak too loudly even.

AirPods also shine when I’m at home and don’t want to carry my phone around while listening to music or making a call. It’s a small thing but this way a playlist doesn’t have to stop when I arrive and change into sweatpants either.