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And Chill

In a sweeping move Netflix has arrived to Hungary among 130 countries all over the world.

Soon enough the complaints started about how much more limited the offering is compared to the US and the utter lack of localisation. Sure enough, at the moment Netflix offers its library in English only with English subtitles. Seeing how the average Hungarian even frowns at subtitles instead of dubbing, this might be a blocker issue for most of the country’s population.

In a report called Special Eurobarometer 386 the EU has measured the Europeans’ attitudes to foreign languages. The percentage of Hungarians who can hold a conversation in English is the absolute lowest among the member states at a shocking 20%.

© Jakub Marian (overlay), Tindo - (blank map)

© Jakub Marian (overlay), Tindo – (blank map)

With such a large scale expansion I doubt that much consideration had been made to the Hungarian market, which is also indicated by the generic replies given to the questions if and when Netflix plans to add localised content.

I personally think watching tv in the target language is a great way to learn and this is a welcome opportunity for everyone wanting to do so. Nevertheless, I am pretty sure that most people here will continue pirating tv shows and movies and will keep on crying for subs on torrent sites.

I on the other hand have become a happy subscriber.