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Still reading

As I still haven’t found a replacement for the Google Reader feed of what I’ve been reading, here comes a post. I’ve kept a few tabs open and—without promising anything—I might opt for regularly putting together posts like this one.

Or, I could say: That moment when you finally resort to collecting interesting reads in a blogpost.

A historic parallel? The crazy, long chapter headings in 19th-century novels, which often were also dependent clauses, inviting the reader to imagine the rest of the baroque narrative. “In Which Our Protagonist Meets A Dashing Stranger,” McCulloch jokes.

Then there’s this Reddit analysis of a sentence from Fifty Shades of Grey, for people who like grammar.

Grammar purists will argue that Pulling off his boxer briefs is a misplaced modifier, since it modifies Christian, not his erection, which comes (pun definitely intended) immediately after it.

And an interview with Kevin Lynch, the person at Apple responsible for turning the Apple Watch into a product. How the article ends is perfection.

A moment later, he stands up. He has to leave; he owes Dye and Ive an update on something important. In all the time we’ve been talking, he’s never once looked at his phone.