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Elle est Lucille

I don’t know why this makes me really angry but it does: in wake of the Paris shootings some fake (or as they like to call themselves, fan) accounts of Banksy on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook shared a drawing that was originally pencilled by the French illustrator Lucille Clerc. Her name not mentioned, the art was attributed to the pseudonymous English graffiti artist.

Break one, thousand will rise #CharlieHebdo #JeSuisCharlie #raiseyourpencil

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I’ve seen these unattributed images retweeted and shared by a good number of people I follow and I’ve read several responses praising Banksy’s genius for creating such a powerful image. Online media outlets also hurried to report that the world renown political activist has spoken up about the murders.

Really, did no one stop for a second to fact check?

I don’t know, maybe I’ve just watched too many episodes of Newsroom.

On the topic, this blogpost by the Hungarian translator Tapsifül pretty much sums up what I also believe.