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Why cyclists should be able to run red lights

Food for thought: Why cyclists should be able to roll through stop signs and ride through red lights

Turns out more lenient laws are actually in existence in Idaho (since 1982!), where people on bicycles don’t have to halt at stop signs and can cross the road even during a red giving these rules the name Idaho stop.

My personal experience is similar: it often feels silly to wait at pedestrian-only crossings—for example—for the lights to go green, where I can perfectly see from on top of the bike that no-one will want to cross anyway. During my very short daily commuting route there still are several stops that I often have to unnecessarily make slowing down car traffic in the process.

I don’t abide cyclists who shoot through reds like there was no tomorrow, but in many cases it’d be for the benefit of everyone if people on bikes could just roll through instead of having to stop and wait for nothing.