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kernel panic

I’m sure y’all remember the iMac freezes, I whined about them here a lot. Currently I’m running with unmodified kernel extensions because of two reasons. First, the freezes are infrequent enough to be still bearable, albeit they do come at the worst possible moments, adhering to the laws of the universe. Second, the feature introduced in Lion that resumes all running apps in the place and state they were when the shutdown was issued makes restarts much less of an issue than before.

Today I was reading an article, when… This time I wanted to do things right so I fired up the old white MacBook “Snowflake” and used ssh to log in to the iMac, then dmesg to confirm that it was, in fact, the usual video freeze: for sure the kernel output had a nice long GPU dump in it. I promptly (pun intended) issued a reboot now command only to be greeted by this:

Well, that’s a first. Never before did I get a kernel panic screen.

And Apple claims it is a hardware issue.

I wonder if Mountain Lion will be any better.