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Mobile payment

“Starting 10 May 2012 the online ticket system of the Hungarian Railways supports mobile payment of some types of tickets along with credit and debit cards” boasts the newsletter. On the attached image a woman is holding a phone with the tagline: “Train tickets at the push of a button – now on mobile as well.”

Does this mean they finally added a mobile-friendly version of the e-ticket site? Did they release an app for smartphones? Well, actually, none of the above.

This only means one thing: instead of using a card, you can enter a phone number, to which a text is sent, to which you have to reply ‘ok’ – at your own expense! – and then the ticket price will be added to your mobile phone bill. So much more comfortable.

Because, I’m sure, what prevented people from buying train tickets at the notoriously user-unfriendly e-ticket site of the Hungarian Railways was the fact that they didn’t have a debit card.

Dear MÁV, you’re doing it wrong.