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Kesh at ZP

I went to see Kesh at Zöld Pardon yesterday. Unfortunately only before heading out did I realize that the Sony camera was still on the charger only unplugged from the wall socket: as a result the battery was fully drained. At least I assume that was why it happened. It’s an old device and the battery is not in the best shape anyway.

Anyway, I was only armed with my Nexus S. No luck with that either: the pictures are either blurred or whitewashed and the soundtrack in the video is unusable; only a distorted cacophony of bass and drums. To an extent the Sony’s mic distorts as well, but still handles concerts much better, like when I used it to capture Tides of Time.

Too bad because Kesh is the most popular search keyword here.

Update: My partner-in-crime Anett has an iPhone 4, which admittedly makes a much better concert recording equipment. Check out Mizu live at ZP.